Three-cylinder car has been called “shake Sen”, and the future as well as a large number of two-cylinder and single-cylinder car?

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Recent News a lot about the three-cylinder engine, SAIC-GM-again “resurrection” Buick Excelle, the introduction of new models, and facelift 1.3-liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. Then Geely collar 02 grams confirmed the main impetus for the 1.5T three-cylinder engine. Since then, Fox announced the full line of new generation Will be equipped with 1.0T or 1.5T three-cylinder engine; in the past two days, it was rumored that the new freedom JEEP Man, the new Suzuki Jimny Will also spend three-cylinder machine.

these Cars should use the three-cylinder engine? For the three-cylinder engine, most domestic consumers are negative attitude, even a lot of people are very adamant in thIs life can not pay for the three-cylinder machine. What Is a three-cylinder engine? Popular, refers to a three-cylinder engine dIsplacement concentrated between 1.0L-1.5L engine, at least one cylinder engine compared to the four-cylinder cylinder. And because of their mechanical structure, three-cylinder machine inherent noIse and jitter than the big four-cylinder confidential.

Early triplex machines are basically used for some low-cost models, such as Alto, Xiali N3, BYD F0, these triplex board machine neither power, and shaking like suffering from Parkinson’s dIsease, interior noIse Is particularly large, it Is difficult to give a good impression. And Since then, cheap, fatigue, jitter and noIse big big label has become a three-cylinder machine.

the largest and oldest of three-cylinder machine models we initiated contact with a three-cylinder engine Xiali TJ376Q its technology from Japan’s Daihatsu, technical configuration that Is not outdated at that time.

In 1979 released, the first generation Alto mounting a code of 543 ml F5A line three-cylinder engine, only 545 kg curb weight, control hundred kilometers 4 liters. QQ engine which Is a code for SQR372 inline three-cylinder engine. ThIs Is a Chery own independent research and development engine, the dIsplacement of 0.8L.

but the turning point as technology advances and increasingly stringent emIssions laws in various countries, three-cylinder engine Is also coming. In 2014, Ford introduced the 1.0T engine. ThIs became a fuse.


, quickly caught the Car firms were small dIsplacement three-cylinder engine of the “World War”, General Motors, BMW, Volvo, PSA and other big Car companies have invested in the battlefield, of course, Is now also including a growing number of American-brand Car prices. Why the sudden three-cylinder engine fire up it? Just from the performance, it has the inherent advantages of fuel economy.

According to national emIssion regulations, the United States in 2020 to an average fuel consumption of 5L. FIG follows:

from the current Car prices in major (north-south public, SAIC, etc.) state of view, from the perspective of a single engine if the terms of fuel consumption to achieve thIs goal 2020 ComparIson difficult. The current trend Is supercharged direct-injection engine, miniaturization and lightweight. Ford successfully developed on a three-cylinder machine, making the whole have had a brilliant small engine in the hIstory of the glow of vitality again.

Car story (micro-channel subscription number Autom-story) statIstics, nearly two years, there has been a lot of three-cylinder engine models in the US Car market, For example, Buick Hideo, Ang Kela, Chevrolet create cool, Cowarts, the new Skoda Xin Rui, the new BMW X1, as well as its own brand Roewe RX3, etc., can be said that each vendor has a basically two models using three cylinder engine.

The “compact” current supercharging only feasible way. Whether turbocharged or supercharged, i.e. to burn more fuel by increasing the cylinder charge density, power Is made greater. But the engine Is smaller, it must reduce the number of cylinders. How much to cut it?

2014 Ford 1.0L fox turbocharged engine power reached 90kW, the driving power can be substantially Class A vast majority of the market Car, or even a part of B-class Cars and small and medium-sized SUV. Prior to 2020, thIs power density, only production models, it may reach 100kW (Volve Drive-E currently has production of 112.5kW).

That 0.8-1.4L high supercharged gasoline engine Will be the mainstream in the future. And such a large number of cylinder engine to be used it? 1? Car Is not a motorcycle, balancing a cylinder of how to solve the problem? Than face seemingly not fly instead? Two? In addition to a two and NVH Issues, there Is also a common problem – the exhaust dIscontinuous.

to know Is, ah 1.0L engine, one cylinder of a Coke not so large, the small dots (volume ratio, the friction, the number of parts , considering the cost) hard to deal with, and thIs Is not a ride Lego, engineers consider Is the performance. The cries from the heart of the project Is, “We also have wood way ah.”

First, miniaturization does not save costs, compare the same power of the engine, supercharged by smaller engine than the naturally aspirated engine Is generally more expensive. 2020 Is our standard fuel consumption Is 5.6L / 100km, not make life difficult for the supercharger Ah.

three-cylinder engine has also been tested on the sports Car brand in hIstory. Ferrari introduced as a pilot in 1994, three-cylinder engine F134 2T, 1347cc dIsplacement, in-line three-cylinder, 130HP @ 5000rpm. The test engine Is developed for road use, powered by two-stroke Eaton supercharged V6 engine to achieve liter 160hp of power.

The results achieved encouraging results, but the project was abandoned. Gas engineers are good Oh, but still have to keep smiling.

three-cylinder engine Will replace four-cylinder engine in the future become a trend, however, it Is common for the three-cylinder machine there Is conflict in the consumer’s time, double cylinder engine Car has come.

twin engine Cars and even a long hIstory. In 1957, the first generation Fiat 500 models Will be equipped with over-twin engine dIsplacement of 579 ml; in the 1980s, also equipped twin engine 126P also appears as one of the first private Car in the streets of New York.

However,In recent years, large dIsplacement, high-power engine let high-profile upper cylinder models gradually fade from view. In today’s global Automotive market, only Nano Car in India alone tower tower also Carrying the banner of twin engine managed to support. However, the re-launch of Fiat in 2015, the latest two-cylinder engine TwinAir.

new models of two-cylinder engine maximum power range of 65-105 hp, thIs power level for an ultra-low-emIssion engines have absolutely count on emotion. Car story (micro-channel subscription number Autom-story) believes that the future, we Will enter the era of three-cylinder, two-cylinder and then enter the time? May now, we can only sing a song together of the four-cylinder: triplex triplex ah, you post less than a four-cylinder, a cylinder you more than the twin ……