Three basic inventory without major repairs of the car, recognized rugged build-resIstant, have your car?

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Speaking of Cars, then many of us would consider one thing, and that Is the cost of Car problems, in general, the cost of Car including our routine maintenance, refueling, maintenance, etc. in addition to the purchase price of spending, so, thIs Is our concern a lot of people, because often if the Car repair and maintenance, it means that we use for vehicle costs Will be high, today small to give you three basic inventory without major repairs of the Car, recognized resIstant rugged build, have your Car? The first

, Toyota Prado, Toyota Prado I believe we all know, as a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle, the Car Is the Sichuan-Tibet line above regulars, ten vehicles can often be seen through the Sichuan-Tibet line Is the Prado in Seven or eight units, which also reflected from the side of its strong performance, but also whether it Is plus 92 gasoline, or petrol 95, Prado not picky eaters, we are fully ready to serve it! Therefore, such a Car who would not love it?

paragraph, Volkswagen Jetta, many of us see the Jetta in Driving or the taxi company, due to its low price, coupled with the public good the process, in general, the Jetta’s durability Is very good, and, because of its low price accessories, low maintenance costs, therefore, generally for vehicles consume large companies or operators are using the Car’s vehicle, vIsible dIstinguIshed between the Car!

paragraph 3, the Honda Accord as one of the Three Musketeers of Japanese vehicles Accord Car, the flagship high-end market, due to its strong performance, a lot of Cars in the twenty tens of thousands of kilometers of travel time or to maintain a stable engine has never been the phenomenon of leakage of oil, besides the Car’s fuel consumption Is very low, so thIs Car Is as it should be subject to a lot of consumers favorite!

Finally, if you want to buy a low maintenance, high hedge Car, then select the top three right up!