ThIs summer you still worried about car seats do?

Is set in the Car seat cushion on top of the Car seat. With the US Auto supplies consumer market continued to increase Car seat has become a major consumer of Car owners. According to the season to select a comfortable and practical Car seat Is especially important! Car seats have three-piece, five-piece, eight sets of nine sets of several.

experienced driver knows the correct posture and good sense to sit Is an important prerequIsite for safe driving, driver fatigue Is also an effective means of relief. Installation of a suitable seat covers or cushions laid, for enhancing the feeling of sitting, increase comfort has a significant role. The vast majority of Car seat fabric Is sewn, not washable. Once fouling, even professional Automotive beauty shop within the Church Is also difficult to clean thoroughly clean the seat. Therefore, install seat covers or cushions laid to become the most convenient way to protect the seat.

selection of a suitable season for their Car seat Will give your driver’s journey brings unexpected effect.

Front simple and elegant design of the base, the original Car seat docile, adding glove design, easy to use. Rear simple and elegant one-piece design, the effective protection of the original Car seat belt reserved slot.

pure natural bamboo handmade, non-woven fabrics for durable fabrics, bamboo smooth burr, no bamboo, bamboo easy installation directly cushion cover in the Car seat can be.

linen Material: soft, comfortable cool summer seasons general use breathable environment does not heat, with a front pocket design, double snap back surface reinforcing slip material + , second slip means

new USB tribometers, two built-powered fan long life .3 ten thousand hours, a small amount of wind power, thermal cooling ventilation , farewell ass hot, humid, air impermeable; general Automobile upholstery, home, office, Car mat cushion universal portable cold

having an aromatic buckwheat resuscitation. Huoxuetongmai, sedative, puzzle refreshing, nursed back to health organsEffect and a modulation of Yin and Yang et al., Buckwheat cushion fabric, stylIsh, never deformed, cool, breathable nerves, there are aesthetic quality! !

Basic linen Material: soft, comfortable cool summer seasons general use breathable environment does not heat the front seat pocket design, the back-slip material double snap + reinforcement, second slip means.

not the same Car seat to bring you a different experience, do you waiting for?