ThIs phenomenon indicates that the three major car not far away from retirement, appears ready to change it, do not believe

We all know that private Car mileage of more than 600,000 kilometers of mandatory retirement, then we should, but does not specify had to be scrapped within a few years but save time in more than six years, then require inspection once a year, for more than 15 years, then it needs twice the annual inspection. However, if the Car appears three big phenomenon, it indicates that the Car not far away from retirement, appears ready to change it, do not believe

first the Car engine Is known as the heart of a problem, as long as the engine oil or multiple cases repaired thIs way and began to leak appears, it Is necessary to consider whether the Car can continue to use it. Because it Is not part of the problem of aging in general, thIs means that there has been a lot of component wear and failure can not be repaired, and thIs case Is not strong seal Is leaking everywhere can not be repaired, devoting himself to the service not as good as change a new one.

The second case Is replaced after so many associated components still unacceptable emIssions, exhaust gas emIssions data as in the Car factory when they are already fixed, but with the increase in the age of the data Is constantly changing, the inspection Is to check whether the exhaust emIssions exceed the standard. If a bad Car usage, even if the replacement and cleaning all the relevant exhaust components there Is no way up to standard, we can only wait for the annual inspection had not scrapped.

A third situation Is particularly serious power decrease, on the other hand there are many aspects of thIs part, too much time member Will wear after a long, wear Will cause internal pressure becomes particularly low. If a cylinder of various components of the Car have had to wear, or how repairs are not seen in-cylinder pressure returned to normal, then it Is really no need for service, after all, thIs series of parts replacement costs down might as well buy a new.