ThIs Is Why global leaders are car travel

First, in general, the selection of national leaders in hIs Car, mostly for their own brands in the country to show support for the government of national industry and a national sense of honor.

the President of the United States Car: Hongqi L5

Hongqi L5 priced at more than 5 million, against the “self-Rolls Royce “has always been concerned about the name of the first, the Car has a US diplomatic Car concierge, appeared in many major diplomatic occasions.

US President: Cadillac DTS luxury presidential Car

DTS Cadillac luxury model, the current Car US president “Army One” Is also refitted by the DTS.

Russian President Car: Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard

Which Car Is the head of government, business proud, sovereign and Head of State to provide the highest level of integrated security measures.

German Chancellor Car: Audi A8L 6.0 W12 bulletproof Car

Audi A8L W12 Is equipped with basic has reached volume production Car limit dIsplacement 6.0L engine dIsplacement, and the Audi’s famous quattro all-wheel-drive system Is co-ordinated with.

French President Car: Citroen’s DS5 Hybrid4

DS5 HYBRID [1] Is a new generation of luxury Car brands DS’s, the first to use hybrid technology. Equipped with a HDi diesel engine and an electric motor to achieve 200 horsepower, thIs Car Is one of the most environmentally friendly Cars.

the President of the Italian Car: Lancia ThesIs

also translated Lancia Lancia (LANCIA) Is Fiat setOne of the group’s brands, to produce Car-based luxury Lancia Cars.

Prime MinIster of Japan Car: Lexus LS600hL

Lexus L600hL Car Is Toyota Motor Corporation’s top product, but also the world’s first Car equipped with V8 hybrid engine Car.

South Korean President Car: Equus armored Car

“ThIs one Is for buying back seat home production of advanced vehicles, most owners are government officials, overseas areas like offices abroad Ambassador of South Korea’s high-ranking officials have with the Car. “Korean Is evaluate the Equus.

Secondly, more comfortable Car than SUV, also suitable for formal occasions, business, steady.

from the Car looks more formal appearance, and suv Cars compared to Cars most consIstent with the aesthetic of our public.

the appearance of good-looking Cars belonging to the type of Car design since the rIse and are based on a relatively low center of gravity, thIs design Will make Cars more comfortable to sit

As for safety, the manufacturer Will do some special vehicles for heads of state, such as bullet-proof, extended, special body remove choose their own brands, the first point Is that the leaders of Car safety. And the reality of ordinary Car, SUV or different.

For example: the president of Cadillac luxury Car, Car collector Cars, trucks, tanks in a “beast” brand Cadillac Shicun 12, weighing 6.8 tons, about the cost of each vehicle $ 1.5 million. Despite thorough body protective armor, thick door only amounted to nearly 20 centimeters, can withstand all small firearms gunfire.

the Car with tear gas and night cameras, oxygen, fire suppression systems, and medical life-saving box and plasma and blood type matching the President for emergency.

wheels of the reinforcing Kevlar fibers, not explosive and notEven if the tire Is too damaged, the Car still use high speed steel ring.

are not necessarily all Cars, foreign dignitaries also attended the SUV, but it Is not common, Is a manufacturer of custom.

French President Make Long Car: DS 7 CROSSBACK

French President Make Long DS Car in the inauguration of 7 CROSSBACK.

and DS as president of 7 CROSSBACK Car in addition to adding bulletproof design, still in the Car tags, tail tags, etc. joined the French flag pattern.

Queen Elizabeth Car: Bentley add the / Rover et

long standby Queen Elizabeth II’s numerous luxury Cars, Rolls-Royce, Bentley , Land Rover, Jaguar the BritIsh luxury Car brand many models are income royal garage.

However, there are many luxury Cars are presented to the Queen of the initiative, such as by far the most luxurious, most expensive Bentley SUV– add more, while the Queen Is the first of Tim formal owners, and Will be referred to again Mulliner department tailored to build.

and in the Tim before, the Queen’s favorite brand Is the Land Rover, and Is probably the most favorite model Range Rover, whether formal occasions or in private life, the Queen Will often take even personally drivingRange Rover travel.

Pope (Benedict XVI) Car: Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet

predecessor Pope Benedict XVI Is also a luxury Car enthusiasts, among them Mercedes-Benz for its specializing in the production of a convertible version of the white pope G500 special Purpose vehicle. ThIs as the official Car of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Is based on the G500, Will be used mainly when the weather Is better. It Is equipped with a folding windscreen and handrails, like its predecessor the Vatican Is also sprayed with white paint.

to select the heads of Car sedan Car because the official reception attributes, such as the Car into the official reception areas of Geely Cars also Bory.

and with respect to the SUV, the site better handling Car, good driving experience, in line with the heads of Car driving demand for high property without considering pulling the object space.

More importantly, the Car has a head of state security team, factors to consider traffic accidents fast attack from factors much larger than.