ThIs Is several more than 20 million cars interior, they are full of enjoyment

Among the many brands, the Car’s interior Is that several people to 300,000 Cars in our favorite. Honda Accord Car interiors, he used in the design of the all-black color tone, design lines are convex, well reflect the atmosphere of a sport, in addition also uses wood trim for decoration, to further reflect the luxury of the Car. The Camry and Honda Accord, although there Is a big difference with the classic design.

in the Toyota Camry unique interior design, the use of non-symmetrical design, one Is inclined toward the driver’s console people feel very comfortable to use, and dermIs, and stitch design Is nicely enhanced degree of luxury Car. With respect to all black design of the Accord and Camry, Buick LaCrosse color with a lot more vigor.

Buick LaCrosse interior design Is a big bright spot, appears to have a strong sense of warmth

and most people like should be the Cadillac ATS-L interior design, and its selection of materials very Carefully, steering wheel, center console and instrument panel handling Is very good, very satIsfying. In which several Car interiors, which one do you like most?