ThIs Is not only Ferrari 13 models designed by Pininfarina other brand models are beautiful

Alfa Romeo GTV: Alfa Romeo GTV Is one of the newer text Pininfarina design, but we still like it. Poe adds some classic Italian style and Kammback with tail shape.

Alfa Romeo Spider: first obtain the correct design Is very important, and apparently it with Pininfarina on the Alfa Romeo Spider. It began production in 1966, and looks almost identical in 1994 to stop production. ThIs design has not much staying power.

CIsitalia 202: Only a few CIsitalia 202 Is made out of pity, because Pininfarina do with it great jobs. Until today, the Museum of Modern Art has on dIsplay one, because CIsitalia 202 has a great influence on the Automotive industry. Design Is considered to be a true work of art of the Car Is a major achievement.

Fiat 124 Spider: The new Miata Is based on the Fiat 124 Spider Is a great-looking Car, especially the Abarth look, but it Is not as elegant as the original. Select the old section of the Fiat 124 Spider may lead to higher maintenance costs, but it looks good

Alfa Romeo Brera : under normal circumstances, the world’s most beautiful Car in the series rarely hatchback, but Brera Is an exception.

Peugeot 504: When Pininfarina in collaboration with the French Car company, good things Will happen. Peugeot 504 coupe and cabriolet its simple and elegant design Is a perfect example.

Lancia AureliaSpider: Ghia coupe Aurelia Is actually responsible for the design, but the introduction of Pininfarina Spider style. The resulting Car looks incredible, especially from top to bottom.

Lancia Flaminia: Lancia Flaminia actually have a little in common with the Aurelia machine, but you Will not just by observing it knows it. Pininfarina gave Flaminia its own design, that it Is as beautiful as the coupe sedan.

Maserati GranTurIsmo: Maserati GranTurIsmo has grown up, but even if it has produced nearly 10 years, it still looks great . From the name you can see, it’s not pretend sports Car, but if you want a luxury station wagon, you’ll look hard to find a better Car than the GranTurIsmo.

MGB GT: MG MGB has been in great design, but when Carmakers want to install in the Car trot when a fixed roof, it Will contact Pininfarina. The resulting hatchback gives it plenty of practicality, it also looks cool.

Nash-Healey: After World War II, the United States entered the sports Car market. Nash decided to deal with the growing trend by providing their sports Nash-Healey. Ultimately making it a truly international influence. It Is sold in the US, but by Pininfarina Italian design, by the BritIsh Healey tune.

Peugeot 406 Coupe: Peugeot 406 sedan and looks as good, but it’s not special. But the coupe requires more energy. Pininfarina do thIs thing and gave us 406 Coupe. It looks like a saloon – looks good.