ThIs Is a cattle car interior, with dual 12.3 inches large screen, car networking standard mobile phone, unlIsted had before the fire

shortly before the new Baojun brand officially released, not only opening of a new diamond hour markers LOGO and a new R platform, also announced a “young, science and technology, intelligent, network-linked” as the new Baojun brand gene, committed create a new life for the user to travel a new era. Among them, intelligence and network-linking Is the most important and core brand gene. And recently, based on the new Baojun brand new R platform to build, located in the new Car Baojun RC-6 interior renderings exposure, you can see from the picture, the overall interior style Is relatively simple and elegant and full of exquIsite sense, but also equipped with dual 12.3 inches screen size super sense of unity, the vIsual effect Is not lost luxury brand models, highly technological sense.

The new RC-6 Baojun interior of the two-color color mix and match styles, leather wrapped red stitching highlights the sporty , a seat or using a material with cortex and Alcantara, both the sense of movement and texture. In addition, in the control part of the overall design atmosphere and rich layering, using a similar Carbon filler material package dimensions, and the dual-screen 12.3 inches super sense of unity of the vIsual effect Is very good, the dashboard and controls are 12.3 inches large screen size, not only dIsplay rich content, but also enhance the sense of interior technologies and integrate new new Baojun Car phones and networking L2 level ADAS intelligent driving system.

ThIs ADAS intelligent

new Baojun RC-6 driver assIstance can fully realize full domain ACC adaptive cruIse, LKA lane keeping assIst, LDW lane departure warning, with smart Cars, smart dIstance optical switching and other common functions, and enables front of the vehicle Is braked, to recognize traffic lights, speed limit sign recognition and intelligent fog and other weather driving, make driving safer, more thoughtful.

In addition, the new RC-6 Baojun whole system comes standard “mobile vehicle networking” to achieve “That Car phone machine” intelligent network linking Car experience. Alternative phone computing power and the ability to AI Car machine to achieve the ability to embed all smart phones in the Car, the Car loaded to the user’s pocket, so that Cars become networked 24-hour period covered by the Carry-vehicle networking. Users can fully ported to the mobile ecosystem Car everyday experience, seamlessly travel and life, the idea Is advanced in the industry.

thanks to the phone acts as a vehicle computer system, can achieve high speed, high accuracy voice recognition, it’s faster than the speed of on-board identification chip near 20 times, Is currently the fastest Car voice response system networking system.

In addition, the new Baojun RC-6 also supports many technological features such as keyless whole Car, just shake the phone to unlock the vehicle and so on. The future, as commercial 5G communication technology, new Baojun RC-6 Is also expected to expand the network with more features.

In short, the new Baojun RC-6 lets users spend the least money, you can have a richer Car life experience, which Is at the same level of domestic models also at the forefront, fully reflects its young, technology, intelligence and network with brand positioning. In the future, around intelligent products and experiences Will be more abundant, and the new Baojun introduction of the new RC-6 Is also no doubt the new Baojun brand off to a good start.