ThIs five car interiors ugly, put up the first three, fourth paragraph bite put up 1,2,5 can not endure!

Today’s appearance of the Car Is doing more and more fashionable, now we not only concerned about the appearance of the Car, but also on the its interior. A good interior not only give the rider a better experience, but also people love thIs Car. Today, there are many Car manufacturers down a lot of effort in the interior, especially our domestic Cars. Obviously ten million Cars, interior comparable to literally do hundreds of thousands of joint venture vehicle. But there are also other brands of Car interiors, people simply can not be pleasant to the eye, and today I’ll take you to see the ugliest interiors of several Cars. The first

Is the highest global sales of Toyota, Toyota said, the brand Is the world’s largest Car brands, rugged Naicao Is its motto. But despite all these years in the appearance of the Toyota models made a little change, but its interior has been nothing less Heart. Which model and whether it’s the same price than the basic interior does not like what advantage, took the previous high-end Reiz, its interior Is really sorry thIs price, people did not feel it’s a 20 Wan’s high-end Car +. While it has long been dIscontinued, but still it makes its interior Xinyou sin.

paragraph Is deeply loved people of the Volkswagen brand, Toyota Is still far better than rigid, unshakeable feelings for many years Is it? Take thIs Tiguan selling public, although a high sales volume, but the interior has been Tucao consumers. Although it has been changed into a Tiguan L. But how old section of the Tiguan also said the 200,000 + SUV ah, the entire central control, give a cheap feeling. Even so its sales volume Is so good, and now the new Tiguan L has indeed been greatly improved, also hope that manufacturers can thoroughly upgrading it.

third paragraph Is Volvo S60L, I can not figure out which Is wonderful designer, thIs Is really in control feel not as good as people see Wuling God our family Car. Why do not you put in control of installing a telephone in it? But Volvo’s material Is really pretty, after looking at the ugly hand touched the heart, there still Is not so awkward. But also we hope that the manufacturers are making thIs wonderful work of updating the interior quickly away, to affect the price of the vIsual sense.

Is the fourth paragraph NIssanThe Car, known to most people Is the entry-level NIssan Sunny. The Car affordable, rugged and stable, but also by many consumers. But manufacturers may be in order to reduce costs, but in the sun thIs Car up and down a lot of effort. The rough interior, that in the control of hard plastic, that wonderful crocodile eye shape, that guy Is really an outdated product ah. London really can not and domestic models with the price ratio.

Di Wukuan domestic industry Is up to people to imitate the Thai public, we can not spray old foreign Cars ah, thIs Car Is the Thai public M300. ThIs Is said to be ugly inside and out from the beginning to the end of the Car. Interior certainly not much better, and seeing the real Car and she did not dIsappoint. Feeling the Car interior on a steering wheel also like spotting, the other can be said to be a mess. Obviously a Car Is like an alien in control of the product as designed.

after we have seen, to see how more than several Car interiors