ThIs five car company Is now regarded as the best domestic car brand

Although the domestic Automobile these years has made great progress, but the junior has not been recognized by consumers, or more consumers believe that the joint venture Cars than domestic Cars, Korean Cars last year, and even a after the storm the field, or wash the white paper appears a group of Hyundai, Kia said at least two decades in the domestic Car. Ah, we do not compare with today’s joint ventures and domestic enterprIses. After all, thIs camp too well, without a word or two words. Then we compare the number of independent Car company’s engine. ThIs five Car companies now considered to be the best domestic Car brand.

5 Great Wall Motor

say really, the Great Wall Hover SUV line as a guide in the domestic market for many years overlord, for many people the best-selling Harvard H6 represent not understand, that we are all in a heap to follow suit thIs month sell 80,000 units of the success, I feel it all IQ are good enough, the Great Wall if the engine really that bad come so much buy it. Of course, we can not deny that the Great Wall Is indeed stingy, that sets the old 1.5T engine was abruptly took seven years, but thIs year’s lIsting of the new Hover H6 finally mounted on a self-developed brand-new 1.5T, regardless of consumption or have the power much improvement.

4 Changan Automobile

Chang’an Automobile has already eaten MitsubIshi technology, and early development Is essentially and MitsubIshi engines, which make people feel very useless, but Changan Automobile independent research and development that can not leave the booth, all these years has been working to independent research and development engine, until last year, Changan cs55 market their own blue, and blue power performance good, but also to become the top four Changan Automobile R & D capabilities, independent Car prices.

Sanjili Car

ThIs Is nothing to say, can be ranked third Geely engine was not surprIsed, after all, marriage Geely and Volvo, while not directly use the Volvo engine, but Volvo Is a great scientific talent as the main brand Geely, a combination of both to create a new 1.3T and 1.8L two engines, Is a quasi-joint horizontal engine.

2 Chery

Chery Automobile has never been a lack of “believers” in the United States, after all, Chery in independent duty the boss Is worth the early years of the Automobile market, in its strategic transformation began to engage in independent research, despite the volume decline, but the engine technology Is increasing day by day, the thermal efficiency of the first name.

1 SAIC Motor

Roewe rx5 6 mg, Roewe, two MG brand Is currently growing influence in the country, not a single, mouth blown out results from years of collaboration with general Motors, SAIC in engine technology first come, first serve, in general. The growth rate of technical support and engine technology are the first few jealous.