ThIs engine Is 10 years ago, the five most technologically advanced car, how many people fell into the hole

As technology advances, more and more advanced Cars, many high-end configuration has been at the low end of the Car, engine as the heart of the Car, it Is as important to the human heart, and now soon developed engine, many the old models because the new engine sales hIstory and ushered in a second spring, but there are a few brands of Cars, still using the old engine, some even 10 years ago to see if your Car Is in thIs?

many drivers fell into the hole of the brand have the opportunity to fire up, because he worked and modern, but because of the brand positioning Is not ready, so they are a common state, the years have gone directly.

In recent years, several Cars also leather Car, no engine upgrades in addition to the name very similar to Thailand, the Thai public itself Is a very low impact Car brand, However, due to the cottage luxury Car, its reputation in recent years, sales also increased in 2019, and Thailand sold 317,000 Cars, many of which are joint ventures admire However, repairer technically, the Thai public Is still very definite force, the lack of engine technology, with the youngest only Ling engine .. For example, 2.0T engine on the X7 not only fuel efficient, but also extremely low compatibility with mainstream models on the market Is not comparable to Lu Feng, Lu Feng brand some time ago can be said that there Is very controversial, because he and land Rover too similar, there are few Cars and land Rover, basically can not see the difference, so brazenly made him a name in the domestic Car but think also know thIs copied by the upper Car, hIs absolute core technology, but technology Is used today closed a few years ago MitsubIshi production.

but there Is a beautiful shell on the truck.

It’s a crazy job, but if you choose her, which Is good, Southeast Motor, which Is the first collaboration with MitsubIshi, has now been upgraded.

only to strengthen the rigidity of the vehicle motor southeast, only lightweight aluminum alloy used for the hood, and the rest of the vehicle has been fully improved over time, mobility has been improved but the power Is still the same, with MitsubIshi 4A91T series, said the engine has been used10 years, really do not know what to say at the end, Na Rijie, a lot of people say he Is a fake luxury Car, Why do you say?

it Is because he has been based on the price of first-line Car-based, foreign Car joint venture to say they are, but in fact Is a domestic Car brand, the engine Is an early model for hIs the price Is totally worth it, but also because of the marketing, so some people Will fall into the pit, with the low-end engine sales to first-line price of the Car, thIs wave operation can be said to be very strong.

engine to use the brand Is more than a few years ago, I do not know if your Car into