ThIs car interiors obvious imitation of the Mercedes-Benz, thIs Is really dIsappointing

Recently, JAC Refine S7 super-version of the official lIsting of new Cars equipped with 1.5T power, priced at 10.98-12.98 yuan, the Car Is equipped with a more extensive security configuration.

According to the official information on the super version Will be equipped with security configuration named Ann +, which contains the ABS, AEB, LDWS, TPMS and integration fourteen feature electronic stability control of possible security incidents conduct predict in advance early warning and auxiliary control. AEB wherein Automatic emergency braking system independently developed by the JAC, collIsion warning can be Carried out in 2.6 seconds before the collIsion Is detected, the beginning of the braking 1.6 seconds, 0.6 seconds for a brake tightening the seat belt.

Dynamic aspects, 1.5T engine maximum power of 174 hp Car equipped with a peak torque of 251 Nm. In the transmIssion system, the Car Will offer a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

JAC Refine S7 super version still competitors as Harvard H6, Roewe RX5 other models, body size from the point of view, refine S7 super version still gain some advantages, such a price close but the size of the larger strategy can be described as time-tested. Refine S7 since its launch last year sales performance in general, the highest single month sales also more than 3,000 vehicles, a higher price Is a factor affecting its sales performance. New Car can bring a breakthrough on sales of refine S7, the market gives the answer.