ThIs car has become the most expensive luxury cars, 150,000 can buy, high-speed stability as a bull, but since people do not know what’s what

buy a Car, if the Car Is not very understanding, it Is possible to determine whether the Car Is worth buying only reference conditions that have purchased thIs Car consumer Car reviews , that Is commonly known as our reputation, but thIs reputation tend to have a rather peculiar phenomenon, that Is a good word of mouth special models are often praIsed, extremely poor sales, the concept of cause Is a dIstinct representatives, but the concept of cause in addition to , DS luxury brand from the situation of legal systems, too, such as our today’s hero DS 5LS Car, in terms of reputation, word of mouth six are ranked in the first place, but sales last month was only 15, just cause even worse than concept, one might argue, precIsely because people buy less, less people evaluated, its reputation can be so so good, but the reality Is that hard power thIs Car really Is not bad.

as a method luxury brand, DS basically be brought together PSA Group cream, but do not know enough publicity or DS models say it does not meet the appetite of consumers, DS reputation and sales have been in a state of malaIse, but can responsibly tell you, thIs Is a qualified luxury brand, to be more specific DS 5LS Car, thIs should be a DS’s cheapest Car, and also the manufacturers want to take the amount of a vehicle, whether it Is color value or body size, it can be said to have been compromIsed in the US consumer, but sorry about that, 15 monthly sales performance Is somewhat crass, but if you take a closer look at thIs Car, you Will find that, in fact, you mIssed a good Car.

For 5LS appearance, a front grille design Is very elliptical concIse, and even that not too many bells and whIstles design, DS logo Is located where elegance with a hint of sharpness, thIs logo can be said that the essence of the whole front face value, in addition, the grid border gate chrome directly into the lights, look very stylIsh, while the matrix Is ‚Äč‚Äčalso a bit of a sense of science and technology lights, fog lamps below the C-shaped design looks like there Is a bit radical, see separate front face, the face value of the DS even count It Is not a good, aestheticCategory absolutely pass.

As a side, a roof chrome arc very brIsk , but also for the Car adds a certain degree of recognition, and 4702 * 1840 * 1510mm length and breadth can be considered the same level of the best there Is, the large size of the space does seem more in line with the aesthetic needs of American consumers, but in fact Yen value side of it Is somewhat live up to thIs size, as luxury Cars or reflect opulence, or reflect the young and trendy sporty, but 5LS low to high before the body shape and not too many lines modified side body looks extremely moderation not even a little recognizable, front and rear face aside the logo, with no recognizable side, which naturally Is a sad thing for a luxury Car.

As the rear, has a decent full body movement appear temperament, small Bottom of the trailing edge of thIs movement temperament to be sublimated, bilateral last row of brick Is also designed to add a sense of movement by tile, so the overall design of the tail a bit of luxury Cars temperament. On the whole 5LS appearance, front and rear have a certain degree of recognition and face value, but it Is a flaw side.

and into the interior, generally known Cars of French romantic interiors very strong, but in the Car body, the kind of romanticIsm from France seems to be mIssing, However, in the control with physical buttons below the LCD screen or bring a good light tone of luxury, but although personal romanticIsm has been mIssing, but you have to give your design a Frenchman as perfectly symmetrical as the general public in the control panel , it Is estimated can not do so in the control panel position by uneven sized so that the entire control panel Is still tilted to the driver’s seat, in addition, four of the steering wheel and full motion DS Is very family atmosphere.

As the back room, although not very aware of French Cars in the back room of accomplIshments, but more than 4.7 meters long and vehicles over 2.7 m wheelbase already the Car’s interior space has laid a solid foundation, so from a practical point of view, the back room 5LS performance Is very good, especially the seat back angle to fill full and proper, rear passenger comfort worthy of recognition, but the middle a raIsed floor, comparing affect the middle rear passenger comfort.

Finally, in power, the current powertrain vehicle law Is also relatively simple especially large dIsplacement made no show for power, but fortunately, the Car’s size does not need to use large dIsplacement engine, but as a luxury brand, 5LS or match the PSA Group’s best 1.6T engine, what BMW to jointly develop and we would say, the actual data, 167 horsepower and maximum torque of 240Nm at the same level in terms of very good to drive a Car of thIs size can not be overemphasized, and the match was a 6-speed manual gearbox, gear Is not that much, but the reliability and ride comfort Is also good. However, thIs Car should be for many consumers to its chassIs Tucao, although French Cars of the non-independent suspension tuned well, but as a luxury Car also uses non-independent suspension, it makes criticized, but from the actual driving performance, chassIs 5LS indeed very good condition, and driving very steady. guide price

At present, 5LS of 16.88-22.98 million, or however after terminal benefits, the basic price of the Car starting at 150,000 head, 150,000 head to buy a Car length 4.7 m luxury Cars, which may unthinkable for many consumers, but sorry yes, even the DS 5LS done, but consumers still do not pay.