They are the pinnacle of the era of Japanese performance cars

Speaking of ultra-running, many people Will think of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other brands from Italy, rarely mentioned Japanese Cars, but talking about classic performance Car, Japanese Car technology Is absolutely left people deep impression.

their unique charm to attract countless fans, like me, since hIs student days have been very fond of Japanese performance Cars, I think maybe everyone Will feel like 18 years old what Is the best.

because of the policy, many classical Japanese performance Car and did not enter the country, even a lot of models has long been dIscontinued away from us, but these Cars feelings still exIst, here we Will go to chat with the representative of the Japanese performance Car heyday.

Toyota AE86

In fact, AE86 Is not a performance Car, but a money family Car, which Is the predecessor of the Toyota Corolla, the fifth generation Corolla. After all, I believe it more awareness from “Initial D” ThIs film and televIsion work began, AE86 experienced a burst cylinder, Takumi’s father put it to a 4A-GE engine with race, thIs becomes a real performance Car.

thIs Is just under 1.6-liter engine TRD modified sector, and the use of forged parts supercharger art, a press 240 hp the power, which Is 80 years of European small steel gun failed to reach the data, coupled with the AE86 only 940 kg heavy, so it only makes the movie, like the exIstence of God, AE86 has become a Japanese performance Cars brilliant start .

The above two pictures of our local riders a gathering of modified Cars Car, vehicle panels are in good condition, but also the degree of reduction very high.

Honda NSX

the last century, 80–90 years, sports Cars have always been dominated by Europeans, so Honda wants to design a sports Car to beat Ferrari in 1990 NSX was born in New Zealand North raceRoad to beat the Ferrari 348 over the same period of fame, then thIs Car Is called EGL Ferrari, Honda R & D also proved hIs strength sports Car.

In thIs Car, Honda engineers for both performance and comfort brains, then industry Is not developed, NSX uses aluminum body frame , both to ensure the spacious seating space, and ensures the lightweight vehicle, which was also the one closest to the civilian F1 racing Car. Later, the famous McLaren F1 superCar also draw a lot of inspiration crafted from the NSX.

Mazda RX-7

1991 Third Generation RX-7 was born on Mazda’s hIstory it has become the best of a sports Car, not one. It Is equipped with a dual-rotor legendary 1.3L engine, maximum power of 255 horsepower, considered very high at the time, after the RX-7 to strengthen the latter’s 280 hp Is reached, if there Is no horsepower restriction in Japan, I am afraid that 280 horsepower Is just a start . After

RX7 flow line using a beautiful, aerodynamic focusing double wIshbone front and aluminum suspension kit, plus mid-engine front-drive 50:50 layout and perfect body weight, so that it has a very good handling. ThIs classic sports Car in 2002 cut-off, followed RX-8 successor, but it did not last RX-7 was brilliant.

Toyota Supra

Many fans are aware dIscontinued before the last generation Supra Is known as the Bull Demon King, the reason Is that it Is very violent. It Is equipped with a 2JZ-GTE engine, while the same Is limited to 280 horsepower, but the huge potential modification, easily a thousand horsepower Is easy, the key Is how thIs engine change Will not go wrong.

Although thIs Car has a powerful dynamic performance, and therefore known as the king of the straight line, but do not bend performanceSatIsfactory, so we see more of a converted cow devil figure in drag racing and not on the track. DIscontinued in 2002 Supra, Toyota was it resurrected again after a lapse of 17 years, but now the BMW Supra flowing blood.

NIssan GT-R R32

GT-R above mentioned NSX, RX-7, supra and known as Japan’s four national treasure sports Car, but the GT-R Is the only not stopped updating the Car, its splendor Will from 1989 talking about, then GTR R32 scored 29 times played 29 times to win record in Japan Touring Car Championship, EGL God of War title and it has spread.

R32 Is equipped with an engine RB26DETT, having superior mechanical strength and durability, the engine can withstand the maximum theoretical power staggering 1900 hp . Xiao Bian had one friend had the honor modified R32 drift Car, how much horsepower do not remember the specific round, but dynamic feel terrible, like a rampaging beast as difficult to tame.

MitsubIshi Evo. 9

MitsubIshi Evo at home able to buy one of the few Japanese performance Cars, compared to the nearest tenth generation model, I believe most people still prefer the ninth generation, because although the ninth generation Evo 4G63 engine equipped with a red head thirty years product before, but the potential Is larger than the latter modification of aluminum 4B11 engine, more importantly 4G63 Carries a lot of feelings.

the ninth generation MitsubIshi Evo deemed to be the date pink pinnacle of performance of the Car, so look to the domestic used-Car market, you Will find a longer life the ninth-generation Evo even higher than the price of the tenth generation model, increasing the rate of a decade-old Car can hit more than 75%, called the Automobile sector financial products.

Honda Type-R / S2000

If you are a Honda fan, then you must have been Honda’s VTEC technology and Wan transferred from the suction engine of charm, whether EK9 or FD2, whether or B16B K20A, and both are the climax of the main people. Type-R dynasties models are equipped with B series and K series engine Is modified and abroad preferred players transplant, although now the tenth generation Civic Type-R has lost its self-absorption, but the former New Zealand North steepest drove title still able to prove it Strength.

For Honda, if the engine did not exIst technical barriers, Honda S2000 F20C mounted on the engine Is a very good example. 2.0L naturally aspirated Will be able to break out a strong power of 250 horsepower, the original maximum speed of 9000rpm, little change can turn broken million, which Is now all the time and even small-dIsplacement engines are far too self-absorption data. I believe thIs Car countless S2000 JDM powder lifelong dream.

Written in the last:

In fact, Japanese classic performance there are many Cars, such as the MitsubIshi 3000GT, NIssan S13,350Z, Subaru Impreza STI and so on, several thousand word article Is only able to present a ballpark. GTR has now developed to the R35, Supra, NSX and other models have also been resurrected, their performance Is much better than their predecessors perhaps twenty years ago, but in the end they can not replace former glory and feelings. So the eighties and nineties to the early 21st century Is the era peak of the Japanese performance Car, you think?