These people switch to repair electric vehicles, without training, can do chip-level maintenance

repaired electric Car riders must know the 4S shop, once the module, the core pieces of failure, 4S shop to replace only assembly, Will not identify the specific cause of the failure to repair, such repair workers dubbed the “replacement parts workers”, electric Cars inside the circuit board Is considered to be inscrutable high-tech, no one would dare to repair, no one knows how to fix it.

but today Is to share a Car Will not even open the “lay” Is how “part-time” repair the electric Car circuit boards, chip-level maintenance and even the story.

The master Is not a Car manufacturer’s engineers, not a repair shop technology cattle, hIs main job Is to repair the phone motherboard and computer motherboards, electric repair Car circuit board Is really just a sideline. Later we called him A master it.

A master runs a electronics repair shop, and other cell phone repair computer repair shop Is different, A master like pondering phone cause of the failure, such as mobile phone main board when the fault can not boot, it does not directly recommend customers to change the motherboard, but to find the source of the problem, then replace the faulty parts to repair involves chip failure, he Will find the same type of chips from the electronic market to be replaced, then the programmer to chip irrigation program, after completing the pre-fault and did not make any difference.

A master-contact electric Car circuit board Is a chance, had one here in hIs repair computer motherboard customers a battery manager let A help us to see whether, a master try holding the attitude apart, one saw a diode circuit board color Is not normal, for professional a sensitive teacher know according to the model on which Is a transient suppression diode voltage regulator diodes, determine the basic problem lies in the diode, then went to the electronics market spent two dollars to buy a replacement up the same type of diode, the customer’s electric Car immediately return to normal after loading, then a master spent two dollars to help repaired more than 3,000 customers value the battery manager.

A master’s of course very happy customers, in their own electric Car riders take the initiative to do publicity for the group A master, since most people have electric Cars beyond the warranty, and later thIs yearA special master to help find someone to repair 1/10 4S shop was “sentenced to death” of the module, the maintenance costs are not to get a new member.

A master after a minor celebrity, there Is time to find a circuit diagram of ECU fuel vehicles on the Internet, roughly figure out the principle of the ECU fuel vehicles, although no information on electric Cars, but electric Cars have a general understanding of the ECU. A master at present only two situations can not repair: the first Is the electronic components could not find fault, for example, a certain brand of electric vehicle controller, model number on the chip have all been polIshed; the second Is to find chips, but no brush into the chip program.

Although the electric Car manufacturers to technology Is very secret, but choose to study A master in the end, such a chip to solve the problem by scrapping plant got the same type of electric Car circuit board, in the event of a fault with the types of chips, directly Remove replaced; thIs way after a master in the absence of any information on the case, with oscilloscopes and other tools to find the chip does not work after the failure, the success of repair had some type of electric Car motor controller.

Although the electric Car Is very complicated, but the principle Is interoperable electronic products, such as A chef who likes to explore, can do mobile phones, computers chip-level maintenance, maintenance training through even without electric vehicles, electric vehicles can repair circuit.