These parts of the car repair knowledge, you know how much?

Car with a long time, there Will be a variety of problems, such as doors, trunk, hood and Car muffler Will have a certain degree of damage, then the door Is how to fix it? And how rusty muffler prevent it? Today, we are concerned that the knowledge of these aspects of it.

(a) a door, trunk lid, hood vehicles

(1 ) repair method for recovering a smooth switching states

sometimes twice, three times can not be very appropriate to close the doors, trunk lid, because people may feel impatient for thIs reason when riding. Reason can not be smoothly switch the vehicle mostly defective positions of the striker, which Is actually inclined by deforming the vehicle body or door causing a departure from the relative position, adjusting the position of the striker can be easily fixed. Trunk lid Is the same, and adjust the bayonet striker position can, with a little moved position, can be the most appropriate adjusted, Is preferably adjusted to be opened and closed smoothly.

ThIs striker Is mounted on the vehicle body side. Move about its location and mount the door edges smooth fit. After adjustment striker, opening and closing doors, checking closed cases, if they can successfully turn off, make a formal lock striker. In front of the vehicle than the slack chain, the door sagging, may also be placed in the lower door to Carry heavy, forcibly raIsed, for repair. When the height of the trunk or not, adjust the position of the back of the bayonet. Adjusting method Is the same method of moving the striker of the door. The height of the vehicle hood, front bayonet movement position adjustment. But too much Will cause the Car hood then pull askew, thIs should be noted. Both ends of the Car cover, changing the height of the front frame portion attached to the engine room to adjust the pad.

(2 ) properly dIsCarded spray can approach

maintenance Is often used lubricant spray cans, do not throw away after use, since it still remained inside the gas, can explode in the process of waste dIsposal. Continuously press the button, the gas Is released completely used up, then broken with pliers, then rich as garbage thrown away. Spray can of course be treated as non-burnable garbage, we should be Careful not to throw away the remains of the gas cans.

(3 ) and using the difference between the lubricating oil Method

even if the same with lubricating grease both the performance and use of different lubricants may be used at the door hinge portion to withstand large forces, oils It may be fine for small force to withstand the movable portion. Spray Is very convenient, do not use too much. Several divided spray, a minimum amount possible to achieve the best results.

(4 ) Will not screw bolt to tighten the nut

No maintenance practices are often a fact of human error can not be called an error occurs, Is to screws, nuts bolt too tight. If the bolt can get loose and then bolted, and tied too tight Will damage the screws, nuts, wrenches but if not fixed, Will damage the corners, loosen the next time Will be very difficult, but wasted a lot of effort. Although only a small problem, but most people tend to bolt too tight, remember to avoid thIs from happening.

(b) a muffler

(1 ) rust prevention, leak repair

some of the mechanical parts usually difficult notes its role, but if the event of failure, you Will find its effect, thIs Is one of muffler components, even if a small hole occurs, Will produce great sound, it can be said that the sonic boom. Check with the jack firmly support the body, tiny part please double-check. The focus should be checked for the portion of the catheter Is connected to the muffler body, where a vibration tends to be concentrated, generating heat, cracks and holes. Welding the muffler itselfSection also need to Carefully check, if the rust, while the side brush with a wire brush to check the state of corrosion. Event of holes, remedy agents with special chemical synthesIs.

(2 ) does not rotate the engine condition failure in order to protect the engine, Is often thought that the driver should try to avoid rotation, thIs Is the wrong point of view. Often it does not rotate when driving, not easy to develop the habit of rotation, eventually become difficult to rotate the engine. In contrast, over-rotate Is also the cause of the fault, so to protect the engine rotation should exercIse moderately, or just did not do some occasional movement of people, general bodily functions Will be degraded.


) flowing out from the muffler water … decelerate, stop when, often see the water dripping from the muffler, slightly increase the rotational speed, then there Will be a large amount of water overflows. In fact, the water Is water generated during the combustion of gasoline, so there Is no harm. If accumulated in the muffler, but Will make it rust, often at low speed Car easy to water, should sometimes improve the speed, let the water flow out better.


) their replacement muffler suggested that replacement muffler Is very difficult work. If you have a Car lifting equipment and tools, as long as it Is not physically difficult, but the old muffler replace him. Muffler device Is very simple, if not impossible wanted, more time Is spent removing the old silencer often rust coupling portion, it may be coated with a large amount of retarder lubricants, release spiro cap, Carefully remove, do not forget to install the air jacket (washer) during installation.

knowledge of the doors, trunk, hood and Car muffler stop here, hoping to help owners, we also welcome message interaction oh.