These more than 300,000 luxury car interior Is not very good, only about 100,000 of the Interior

As the saying goes, it Is a sub-penny stock, the price here, natural quality Is better than cheap, but the price Is far more than less. Lincoln MKZ official guide price: 28.48-40.88 Wan

Although the Lincoln brand value Is not high, but low-key luxury Lincoln features are still able to attract the kind of success that style. Moreover, even the same brand of the same brand, Lincoln vehicles have an atmosphere, we can not say, gas field Is still there, MKC such a Car.

Please note! I would say that the style, appearance, but the MKZ interior design of the Car was really mean: former co-pilot actually only a piece of wood decorated even finIshed Veau? Button above the central control center Is not reasonable layout, design Is the lack of layering. However, after deleting files and the Change button next to the central control, storage space Is sufficient. Fortunately, the steering wheel and dashboard textures can regain a point, otherwIse it really over.

Ford Taurus official guide price: 23.48-36.98 Wan Taurus. I really do not want to say the Car’s appearance, but it’s a blessing and a stretch Rui Si as bad. Although space does Bimengdiou lot, but … Well, let’s go directly to the topic, take a look inside.

Everyone Will say that there Is no simple massive textures, and now look at thIs, do not say, do not start with the material, the design Is very simple, as a main business of “positioning “management style, do less grade, does not make sense, Is somewhat arbitrary.

It Is undeniable that American Car from the inside out Is a rough, big design style, simply put, no change, or even Ford and Lincoln brands should be divided into two a level, but the interior must be a little too high to match the price.