These four things do not stay in the car, many people Will ignore, do not go wrong

for all of us, the Car Is the most familiar means of transportation. Now many families have their own Car, to buy a Car have been common. Many owners are more of Care for the newly purchased Car, the Car Will be for aesthetic to the Car steering wheel and seat belt protective film, although protective wear inside the Car to a certain extent, but they really only lead to protect it ? For everyday driving it would not have any impact? In fact, not everyone can imagine, and other small series finIshed you still do it?

these four things do not stay in the Car, many people Will ignore, do not go wrong

1, irregularly shaped mat

a lot of friends in just buying the Car, Will put mats in the interior of the Car, in order to the interior of the Car Is not to step on the Carpet dirty. Put the foot mats to protect the Carpet Is not false, but when you buy a Car floor mats are not suitable, Will know what impact it? Some owners Will usually buy the whole package of the Ottomans, was only for the convenience of cleaning the Car, but sometimes, you Will find step on the gas when Will often be caught, may not cause any impact on you. But you do not know the most serious consequences that can affect your life safety Issues. Therefore, it must be appropriate when buying mats, do not buy some irregular floor mats and floor mats all-inclusive.

2, Car seat covers

I believe that many owners Will give their Car seat cover package on because good Car seats are leather, in order to prevent aging Car seats, Car seat package Will give the seat cover. ThIs practice seems to have little impact, but in time to meet an accident, it Is very dangerous, it causes the Car seat side airbags are not well pop up. So to some extent, the driver Will not be well protected, it Will cause unnecessary accidents. So we do not recommend packing the Car seat covers, especially some all-inclusive.

3, dark mat

To avoid many owners sunlight, dark pads are placed in the dashboard. Dark mat to a certain extent Is obscured by the sun’s rays and also prevents aging dashboard. But many owners ignore a problem, in instrument panel Is below airbag, if the dangerous condition of unforeseen circumstances, the airbag Will not be ejected, would not achieve the protective effect. It Is proposed that we still do not put thIs dark pad in the Car.

4, seat belt buckle

regardless of who Is driving the Car or person, do not like to wear a seat belt However, in order to prevent the Car has been reminded, Will buy some of the seat belt buckle. While driving, many owners feel that wearing a seatbelt Is too much trouble, some problems are not comfortable and so on. In fact, thIs practice Is not wearing a seatbelt and take the bridge Is the same, it Is very dangerous. Many accidents causing serious because the result Is not wearing seat belts. Therefore, you have to remember when driving in the seat belt, otherwIse it Is also found in the face of the offense, fines.

summary, for your own safety and your family, if there are these four things on your Car, remember to dIspose of. Not because the Car attractive and lead to life-threatening, so it Is not worth it.