There are obviously lighter, Why Is there still a little smoke on the car?

When I was worrying about what to talk with you today, driving the televIsion came the sentence: “The biggest difference between humans and animals, in addition to the use of tools, that Will use fire, there are extremely important, “the use of fire in the hIstory of human civilization.

think about it, the fire source can only be generated by early humans from nature to make fire, leave the fire, and later, people learned to fire by rubbing sticks, make fire with flint and other way to get fire. Today, we have a “lighter” thIs artifact, fire has become very easy.

But Why are so easy to use a lighter in the Car cigarette lighter or there Will be it? I believe you Will be a little curious about thIs, so today we Will talk to the Car “cigarette lighter” that little thing.

on the Car cigarette lighter can be regarded as quite “old” one Is configured, it Is designed for the convenience of the driver of smoking addiction can be had in the Car .

Although smoking Is harmful to health, but in the course of driving, the smoke Will interfere to some extent our normal driving, but for those who like smoking friends, cigarette lighter the presence or provide a great convenience for them. Moreover, there Will after some cigarette lighter lit cigarettes, smokers get off the case.

compared to traditional lighter, a cigarette lighter, although no fire, but in actual use can be very easy to ignite a cigarette. And while driving, if the ventilation window, then use a traditional cigarette lighters Will be relatively difficult to ignite, the flame Will be blown off, but no open flame cigarette lighter does not have thIs problem.

Again, that Is a relatively fixed position of cigarette lighter, not because of the fire and find dIstract drivers attention. It did not have to worry about fire and smoke a cigarette lighter in the Car standing up, so not only inconvenient, in hot weather or Car directly in the sun, the lighter Is likely to generate a rIsk of explosion.

In fact, now legal in many countries, there Will be expressly prohibits the driver of smoking behavior in driving the process, U.S.’s “People’sRepublic Road Traffic Safety Law Implementation Regulations “, although not yet have an order prohibiting the driver and passengers in the Car regulations prohibit smoking, but do not recommend the driver while driving to smoke. If so, Why not cancel the Car cigarette lighter thIs configuration?

First of all, although the cigarette lighter initially only as a convenience for the driver or passengers in the Car when the cigarette lighter and design, but now Is more of a cigarette lighter as a power connector. Even a non-smoker’s little sIster, Will be transformed by jack plugged into the cigarette lighter USB, charging their phones.

In addition to the charge for mobile phones, but may also be a cigarette lighter GPS, tachograph, MP3 converter, power inverter, Car air pump, Car washing, etc. Electronic equipment to provide electricity. If there Is no cigarette lighter, these devices Will be difficult to find such a convenient power interface.

Second, there Is no open flame and cigarette lighter fuel can not only reduce the rIsk of traditional lighters brought to a certain extent, but also to reduce those cravings are looking for a large fire and the driver too dIstracted and traffic accidents caused by light a cigarette.

The configuration of the cigarette lighter costs relatively very low, the vast majority of Cars are equipped, even though we are against smoking in the Car, thIs configuration Is not available canceled because it has a very strong practical.