The year Is approaching, thIs time to buy a car right? The most complete car buying guide, read their own decIsions!

HELLO, Hello, everyone, I am a Car Jack!

2019, less than two months have passed, thIs year of hard struggle for so many people have been rewarded, but also the day to the better, plus going up to the end of the year, a lot of people start planning thIs year to their efforts to change things I had always wanted.

Is understandable, especially in the end most people have returned to their home, if the end of the year to give yourself buy a favorite Car, not tight thIs winter no longer let themselves and their families endure the winter cold, and in the New Year back home in front of hometown friends and family and make yourself more face, so you want to plan on buying a Car naturally put on the agenda!

For most people, buying a Car may not be difficult thing, but it needs Careful consideration, although the Car has now become a household necessity, but a Car Is indeed occupies a large part of the cost, so many people Will keep asking price of the Car and promotions and so on, then the year Is approaching, thIs time the price of the Car Is what it compared to the previous season, thIs time to buy a Car right?

year Is approaching, thIs time to buy a Car right? The most complete Car buying guide, read their own decIsions!

in the minds of consumers, the major dealers Will offer to do at the end of to the maximum, at that time given the Car to be sure. In fact, after all, those are a businessman, hIs share of the profit Will not be less, so the dIscount Will not be in vain to you. So, one year so long, when to start with the most cost-effective?

in order to buy a Car cheaper, then go to the show. ThIs onePeople outside the industry sector should know. Auto Show general price advantage Is relatively low, the downside Is that there may be a long time before delivery of the vehicle to you; the reason Is simply that you want to model, color and so need to line up, the Car has not come, and so reason.

In general in September and October during that time, the major manufacturers and dIstributors of promotional activities are great, so that relatively inexpensive, and at the end, because the end of the year, dealers impulse, in order to get the rebate, desperately marketing, but there are a lot of people want to buy a Car New Year, so, by the end of Offer to buy a Car Is relatively large!

However, there are not under the rule of the North in October later, the Car Will not be cheap where to go, cold weather, a mix out years, have arrived at the end to buy a Car, in the Central Plains and the North, are 678 month cheaper than you say November Is much lower.

we should all know, a month before the New Year should be the second year in January, right thIs time the dealer has only just begun the task of quantity, but dealers also know that years ago, most people Will always buy a Car, even if the price Is not favorable you Will buy a Car, so thIs time you do not earn money , when re-earn your money? To tell you a true information, in general, the Car to the New Year, the price Will be closed 1000-2000 dollars.

Therefore, the Automobile market of the season Is probably in the annual May, November and Chinese New Year thIs time three nodes. Generally in thIs time period many 4s shop Will cooperate with dIscounts. General Car prices at thIs time there Is a “impulse” sales target to complete the task throughout the year. So there Will be some specific forms of promotion to attract everyone’s attention.

but little Jack think so, in fact, as long as they look for models, what time to start all it does not matter, even after they boughtPrices, drove hIs Car Will not regret it. Market in the sale of most of the Cars are sold more expensive, put more plunges. Selected models, funds, enjoy the early morning to buy, not because of those small concessions but mIssed the best Car experience.