The world’s most beautiful 5 car interior, Tesla bottom, first to its name!

1. Alpha Romeo Giulia

The steering wheel F1 and designed, large design center console, in line with the instrument, and control screen ups and downs, with a white decorative stitching texture to the makeup, walnut wood trim located central plain saddle, a front passenger seat, and the door panel employed, with the seat beige dermal echoed show quite comfortable atmosphere.

2. Harvard H7

For the details of the control H7 very Careful, especially around the lever, comprIsing double buttons and knobs central control area not only clear layout, create a new Car Is more full sense of technology.

3. Bentley add the

Bentley add the interior continuation Bentley luxury style. Add more with a large number of internal leather material, comprIsing a night vIsion system also has, heads-up dIsplay, touch keys and full engine stop start LCD HD dashboard with navigation, and the like. Adding more seats can be adjusted 22 or 16, including the first time Bentley with adjustable seat cushions, comprIsing six types massage mode, a heating and ventilation functions.

4. The new 5-series

5 lines new interior design basically a continuation of the old train 5 style, but in the materials and workmanship has been significant progress, in the control of wood trim Is only used on high vehicle, the dIsplay effect Is improved significantly in the control

5 Tesla Model S

the Tesla Model S solid wood and leather interior decoration materials, and a plurality of center console design that seemed high air quality, large-screen function steering wheel science and technology lifestyle.