The Volkswagen, market six months sales reached 50,000 units, consumers win praIsing

Volkswagen in our country can be described as popular in the country, the streets are almost Volkswagen, as Volkswagen’s product Is good or bad, we can not do too much evaluation, after all, the vast majority of people open public the reason Is because of the high cost of Volkswagen, the price Is cheaper. After all, small series have not opened high-end Volkswagen, it Is not at liberty to evaluate the Volkswagen, but Xiaobian thought that the reason the majority of users by the likes of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Car up or because the relatively stable, unlike Toyota.

Although Toyota Is also good, but Toyota contrast public, it has been more open floating, and because Volkswagen Is the first to enter the US market Car manufacturers one, we now have both production and sales are very good in our country. And thousands of families into the first Car Is Santana, Santana along with people for many years, and now some of the taxi chosen Car Is Volkswagen.

so we can see Volkswagen for the people concerned really apply. Volkswagen recently there was a explosion models, praIsing thIs Car in the market six months on sales of 50,000 units, consumers win, the Car Is the public transit Yue.

Although thIs Car compared to the same class of models body does a bit small, but when the road has become a big advantage, especially in when overtaking or changing lanes, more relaxed skillful and faster throttle response, the seat can also put a little feeling of lying Cars.

From the looks of thick powerful style, face shape Is very consIstent with the public consIstent family design, two headlights piercing, enhanced vIsual effects, modeling and Is very atmospheric. Moderate fuel consumption, fuel consumption on city roads remained between 7.2 to 8.6, but the air conditioning when walking the city, fuel consumption may be a little high.

If you open some of the more sharp or rough roads, Will naturally open than some of the city to increase fuel consumption, but also almost no different. On the road to a third gear shift tuning relatively linear, it may be to avoid hard acceleration, when between 80 and 100 speed, Will feelPoint a sense of drag, the overall performance was good, overall the Car, whether or outings to open in the town, has a good performance.

The whole Car Is the most Xiaobian feel satIsfied with the place Is hIs space, the Car Is good overall space, whether it Is the head space or spaces are very adequate pace , although the overall body Is not long, but the trunk Is great, have to say thIs Car Is really a space magician, although the shape of the Car Is relatively small, but the interior space of the Car Is unusually large, you can pretend to be under a lot of goods and take people, it also Will not appear too stiff. So in terms of the whole Car, in addition to the eye-catching appearance comparIson, let small satIsfaction, or hIs space setting, you are most satIsfied with thIs Car which point it?