The vast majority do not understand the modern car’s first test hydrogen fuel vehicles NEXO

hydrogen fuel vehicles are very few people contact, in fact, it Is really environment-friendly, it Is also the development trend of the future of each country.

of you believe ears and eyes are vigorous in 2020 pure electric Car filled up, some may have forgotten on the market as well as “hydrogen fuel cell” a type of Car, even now many people know very little about such models. EV models in frequent the moment, Hyundai Motor has great interest open to experience their hydrogen fuel vehicles –NEXO.

※ Most people do not know about hydrogen fuel, what Is it?

we often gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles, and electric vehicles, etc., all refer to the power source of the vehicle, “hydrogen fuel cell” by definition Is such models of the fuel Is hydrogen, the power source Is hydrogen energy.

A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle engine Is not as straightforward as the hydrogen combustion to release energy, but through the “fuel cell” thIs thing, the hydrogen into electrical energy, with the the motor Is driven or stored in a battery. In other words, at the product level it closer to a pure electric vehicle.

※ What Is the meaning of hydrogen fuel vehicles?

① products, relatively pure electric vehicle, it Is not life anxiety;

② Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, it does not have harmful emIssions;

③ it Is the ultimate solution for environmentally friendly vehicles.

Hyundai Motor has been done in London with NEXO an interesting test, Will air a NEXO made a “purification device”, Car air pollutants in the process of moving filtered off, and dIscharges clean air to the balloon in order to achieve clean air. According to the experimentEstimated driving after one hour, 26.9 kg purified Automotive air amount equivalent adult respiratory air 42 required for one hour.

Briefly, thIs type of fuel cell vehicle driving NEXO only no harmful gases, may also be filtered out of the air pollution. Environmental protection, the hydrogen fuel Is serious.

※ A lot of people are concerned about, what difference does it open up?

driving modern NEXO, basic and pure electric vehicles Is consIstent.

Because communication technically place, so that thIs driving up hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and pure electric vehicles are substantially the same, a direct power, rapid start, no extra noIse, energy recovery efforts more gear, these features are familiar to us pure electric vehicle performance.

energy flow control screen with hybrid somewhat similar, only lithium 1.56kWh, it functions as a “power modulation” effect, the larger the accelerator opening degree lithium batteries Will power output, and vice versa Will recover excess electricity. In most cases, the hydrogen fuel cell power directly to the motor output.

In terms of modern NEXO single Car, its steering wheel damping Is too large, the chassIs also Is relatively calm style, and our modern some brands of household models are not the same impression.

on the left side has a steering wheel “unusual” button, its function when the vehicle Is not used for long ensure 12V battery power Will not be excessive depletion.

※ As a new thing, how hydrogen fuel vehicle performance parameters?

hydrogen fuel vehicles with pure electric Car Is similar in some respects, so in some parameters have similar manifestations, but on some data, we need to look at additional:

Modern NEXO hydrogen fuel cell system durability: 160,000 km / 10 years ;

can be realized Cold Start -30 ° C ;

※ as a special type of modern NEXO What Is the difference?

It appears that thIs Car Is not the same bones models and no different from you it looks on you might think, especially the electric version of Ang Xinuo with Ang Xinuo somewhat similar, they all use the latest modern design.

in modern Car body also took some thought, of course, I said a lot of mind Is definitely not a pure electric Car “inexplicable blue or green “modern aesthetic obviously a lot higher than thIs level.

Modern NEXO’s taillights current rare white texture during the day and there Is nothing surprIsing to see the place, but the details of the lighting very much.

look taillights did not feel anything, you then contact the rim shape, colors and contours of the front of the lamp, you Will suddenly feel that thIs Car how “new energy” so restless it?

※ special about whether the Car?

into the Car of the moment, I thought it was some time ago of Ang Xinuo EV experienced it! Not only Is the shape and details of the seat, as well as shift paddles and the front center console storage design and other places are very similar.

However, modern NEXO throughout the central control screen Is clearly more contemporary, NEXO thIs model in design details than we usually see a more modern family Cars stress, better texture, which may represent the future direction of development of modern products.

For the vast majority do not open the “hood” of the people, NEXO it seems, Is no different to sit up, if you open the front cover, EnglIsh Is also good happens to you, you Will find it Is so different identities.

If you are “read countless Car,” the old driver, opened the luggage compartment under the cover of Modern NEXO, you Will find that there Is a cylindrical projection play. Yes, thIs Is the hydrogen storage tank. NEXO total of three hydrogen tanks, of total hydrogen storage 156L.

look at thIs chassIs analysIs diagram, you Will find that it differs from the other models, set aside the second half of hydrogen storage tank, there are many places with electric Cars have in common.

※ explosive hydrogen, Hyundai how to deal with security Issues?

“hydrogen feature Is very lively,” which Is the junior high school chemIstry knowledge, a lot of people know flammable hydrogen gas, then the modern NEXO performance on security how do?

would let you eat reassurance, NEXO European E-NCAP and IIHS crash tests in the United States, the results are very good , even He was named IIHS “TSP +”, which means that with three hydrogen tank NEXO, behave in a collIsion Is good.

ThIs Is used NEXO hydrogen tank, which Is made of Carbon fiber, with respect to the strength of steel Is about 10 times higher, may be for high pressure and external impacts . Further, the hydrogen storage tank through fireproof coating process , can withstand long flame.

※ How should we view the future of hydrogen fuel?

major countries around the world are attracted to the development of hydrogen fuel electric Cars, Hyundai Is planning for thIs look Is also more ambitious, under yourPlans to produce 100,000 Cars with hydrogen fuel vehicles in 2025, producing one million electric Cars hydrogen fuel in 2030 and 1000 to establIsh a hydrogen refueling station. At next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, we can see the large number of applications of hydrogen fuel vehicles.

the future Is not far away, in front of, hydrogen fuel vehicles as part of our ordinary consumers to choose objects in the near future.

Source YORK Automobiles