The Vampire Diaries eight seasons come to an end, people like them, fell in love with the inside of classic cars

Su-month BuddhIst monk’s robe woman, you gave me, the most dazzling moved.

The Vampire Diaries it involved my youth, to accompany me cry with me laugh, like you can do instead of hIs own Stefan Selva Care, in my opinion he was young and felt like hIs own portrayal. Also like Damon Salvatore brothers together noIsy skelter, as they worried about, I would like I Will always be concerned with them. Tears head

then you talk about a classic Car which I love it, Stefan Salvatore opened inside a red Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche in 1956, the first one named Porsche Car, it Is the Porsche 356A. Of course, we have a child, watching Cartoons Will often appear thIs Car!

have a good filial son, Ferry Porsche, in order to come up with enough money to rescue Dad, look at the Beatles selling well in the United States, so the Beetle was developed by Porsche 356A, of course, gin Car, and once in the “dark organization with you again (Conan chapter)” called in “Germany Hyla”, but added rescued the father, then the use of open 356A Porsche 901, but since the middle of Peugeot regIstered all three digits 0, so renamed the 911, but 901 Is still the chassIs code. It did not take long after the death of Ferdinand, the company’s dIstribution and property, but after decades of great trouble to leave a hint.

Porsche after years of baptIsm Is already a belief that it Is an art, like a picture,The unfolds, who do not want to have one too!

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