The use of new energy vehicles travel, are you ready?

According to “Xi’an” iron-fIsted rule to defend the blue haze “three-year action plan (2019-2020 years)” notification requirements by the end of 2020 Xi’an taxi, bus to replace all or methanol to pure electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles; with the popularization of new energy vehicles, by 2020 there Will be more people choose Xi’an new energy vehicles travel. However, the use of new energy vehicles travel, you really ready?

2014 new energy vehicles officially entered a private home start, U.S. Automotive industry in the country has been the rapid development of new energy vehicles, with its green, environmental protection and economic characterIstics into the one thousand million; for the people in Xi’an for new energy vehicles Is not new, but the choice of new energy vehicles as their main tool for travel or need to be compared and considered. New energy vehicles now on the market many brands, each model configuration and mileage also vary, choose a kind of new energy vehicles in order to meet the diverse travel needs?

new energy vehicle technology replacement fast, some users initial contact with the new energy vehicles in a dilemma, how to choose a cost-effective new energy vehicles, but also to meet with a wide range of Car demand, Is that each user wants to get the answer; I believe that the user Is ready for purchase of new energy vehicles, short term or no demand for Cars, but need a Car to solve the traffic problem Is, after all, a perfect choice for Car rental can not only understand the full range of new energy vehicles vehicle features, performance, handling, battery life and so on, but also provide a useful reference for the purchase of new energy vehicles.

light enjoy technology as Beiqi new energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary, to focus on new energy Car rental service, has started in New York, Sanya, Hainan, Shaanxi Xi’an on the line of new energy vehicle rental services, the future Will gradually settled in Weifang, Qingdao, Chengdu, Tianjin, Taizhou, more than 10 cities, at the same time promoting the popularization and application of new energy vehicles to meet the travel needs of more urban users.

light to enjoy science and technology to provide users enjoy the light APP online rental and rental stores two kinds of forms of service, users can “enjoy light” APP through mobile phones to download electronic market, the flexibility to choose monthly, quarterly rent, annual rent and other products to meet the demand for Cars in different scenes, homes Will be able to book the favorite vehicles. thIsLight times for users to enjoy stationed in Xi’an LITE, EC180, EX260 three classic models, both to meet the fashion needs of young family Car, it can also at the same time taking into account the economy, to meet the needs of commuters across the city, diversification the model allows users to fully experience the green, economical and convenient to bring new energy vehicles. Meanwhile Xi’an public can also enjoy the benefits go bus lanes, shopping malls, tourIst attractions, public parking Private parking and so on.

I vIsited Is located in Taibai South Road, Yanta DIstrict of Xi’an 190 Beiqi new energy of light to enjoy the trip, as we explored in these three classic rent new energy vehicles, smart fashion EC180, spacious and comfortable EX260, cute “glamorous” LITE left me a deep impression, I’ll give you eleven Amway.

For in Xi’an friends who travel the short dIstance commuter, it Is recommended to choose cost-effective EC180. ThIs stylIsh smart Car, 5 4 hatchback, the Car safety seat Is equipped with two interfaces, with Car voice navigation system, mileage of 156 to 202 kilometers; monthly rent in Xi’an as low as 1,800 yuan, equivalent to daily costs only 60 yuan, and filled with a battery only 10 yuan, much lower than the cost of refueling.

for higher comfort requirements, people travel demand Is recommended for users to select urban SUV EX260. The five five new energy vehicles, has a large spacious and comfortable driving space, the entire vehicle a total of 27 security configuration that can accommodate the whole family to travel together. It Is the ability of a life, comfort of a small highly pure electric SUV. Mileage up to 250 ~ 318km, fully meet user just need to travel across the city.

like a mini Car users to travel alone or love, cute “glamorous” LITE Is your best choice. After the advent of LITE because of its cool fun appearance aroused strong repercussions, opened the way keep them coming back very high. Compact Smart LITE, 2 door 2 blocks. Not only good-looking, fun, easy to drive, as well as “Automatic parking”, “360-degree panoramic images” and “blind-spot detection,” and so many smart features, open LITE find parking spaces Is no longer a headache. Mileage 150 ~ 200 kmInside, enough to meet the daily commute, business travel needs of the city, even the holidays to meet the needs of outing.

to enjoy the light of new energy vehicles to provide users with not only classical models, environmental protection, there are many traditional fuel vehicles do not have the features and applications. Close connection to the Internet, can enjoy more intelligent driving experience, you can easily find parking and charging pile on the APP. These features allow users to enjoy the light has to travel more fun.

Beiqi new energy technology to enjoy the light of new energy vehicles to promote the universal application, hoping to provide users with more environmentally friendly and more enjoyable travel experience, and Will continue to inject more abundant in the future new energy vehicles, provide more convenient for the people in Xi’an, diversified green, the wIsdom of travel solutions, begin to enjoy the lighter, let us work together with Wei Xian blue, make travel easier!