The technical level Is not up to generally accepted point of view, but it Is a big mIstake the

domestic Cars are not recommended because of the small hybrid Car brand influence, simple to use with only HEV hybrid technology Will be Tucao.

hybrid electric vehicle, there are three main types, characterIstics and differences as follows.

1: the lowest level entry level MHEV-48V mixed light, the system Is only a so-called hybrid engine integrated with a small power generation start integrally BSG machine, Is connected to the engine crankshaft via a belt. Only some of the effect of the motor auxiliary output power during the initial acceleration by the engine to reduce the operating load to achieve fuel economy, but the effect Is barely better than nothing. Because light mix of Car battery capacity Is only about 1kwh, frequent loss of power in the engine driven SBG stage and need to recharge, thIs stage Will fuel, so fuel-efficient light mixed system of very general level, the focus Is not pure electric drive and idle driven air conditioning compressor.

2: Medium level entry level HEV hybrid systems that are integrated with the engine canceled BSG motor, while the internal combustion engine to cancel the common matching gearbox. TransmIssion into a D (dual) -CVT special transmIssion mode, the structural characterIstics of the engine and the motor in series a power control group a set of gears and the clutch, the daily running the engine main role Is to drive the generator, in rapid acceleration and high speed cruIse power consumption to a large range when auxiliary output power; another group refers to a CVT drive motor in combination with a single speed reducer, Is not generally appreciated strip CVT pulley.

ThIs structure Is essentially a combination of two single speed reducer, early BYDDM mixed green, green mix to create imitation SAIC EDU-2AT, Japanese and US ECVT system Is the system, the advantage of thIs system Is based on extended-range mode enables low fuel consumption, the dIsadvantage Is not necessarily want low fuel consumption performance. Because the highly integrated special gearbox limits the motor power, wants to boost the power of mainly rely on internal combustion engines to enhance the torque and power; and the internal combustion engine to increase the power needs of large dIsplacement, large dIsplacement Is equal to the high fuel consumption, but the increase in fuel consumption there Will be a stronger level of performance of the new hybrid platform available, there Is no reason to continue thIs hybrid system.

so now only the low-end Japanese Cars are still using the ECVT hybrid Cars, these Cars driving style BuddhIst system can indeed lower fuel consumption, but if in a third new plug-in hybrid level of performance driving, its fuel consumption Is bound to very high; it HEV hybrid Car Is a combination of meat and the meat, not the mainstream.

3: certain mainstream hybrid vehicle Is a plug-in hybrid to BYDDM3.0 example, the drive system includes a motor 2.0T + BSG light mixing module, the conventional internal combustion engine driving the transmIssion system, the pre-motor and gear combinations architecture P3, P3 architecture rear motor and gear combinations. These engines can achieve Is MHEV light mix, HEV hybrid parallel output, REEV extended range driving (HEV main operating mode), as well as pure electric EV mode hybrid gas-electric hybrid Cars and light can not do the driving, function He did master.

Is focused to provide the system 220V external battery charging, a charging condition as long as the available daily EV travel mode electric-driving, Car costs only as a few cents a kilometer endurance of 80 to 100 km mileage also travel to meet the daily commute. Most of the time the family Car just short travel, it can be charged and you can drive in EV mode most of the time throughout the year, Car costs much lower than the HEV and MHEV. In long-dIstance driving using the EV, HEV and REEV three modes, with a lot of kinetic energy recovery than HEV supplementary energy charge rate, combined consumption Is not very little lighter than the battery pack body HEV Automobiles high; even bother to use these patterns, regular EV commuter rest of the cost Is far less than the occasional long-dIstance Car oil expenses, cost Is still the highest.

PHEV and high performance can be realized so as not to limit the power of the driving motor independent layout, plug-in hybrid can be realized hundred kilometers in 4-6 seconds results, and with the price of HEV hybrid can accelerate twice as slow, HEV platform to increase the PHEV battery pack such as the Corolla dual engine E + performance not as good as the van. Contrast thIs, then there Is reason to production of domestic Cars HEV Car? If anyThen it must be in order to control costs with simple, but its own brand of influence, after all, Is smaller, so only in thIs joint venture leapfrog beyond hybrid Cars to attract consumers a high-end platform. But even so some Cars go blind holding smelly feet joint venture, Toyota Is the most representative of the ECVT be pampered altar, then Toyota hybrid vehicles purchased on behalf of the brand BYD hybrid and EV platform, which Is the Car brain residual powder circle, ironic.

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