The role of the car headrest car headrest useful?

Abstract: In the process of choosing Cars, people very fancy Automobile safety and comfort, often have a seat, body and so on Carefully selected, but often overlooked Car seat headrest. Car seat headrest Is good or bad, affects not only the comfort of the occupants, but also an important vehicle safety configuration. Car seat headrest what role? May be the first impression many people Is “for comfort.” In fact, the role of Car headrests and airbags, are often in order to protect the safety of occupants, in particular, by the violent collIsion of the vehicle.

statIstics show that in personal injury caused by traffic accidents in that 70% belong to the cervical spine injuries, of which the largest Is the rear-end collIsion accident caused by cervical spine injury Prime culprit. In rear-end accident, the body driven back or seat cushion sudden forward or backward when the head of the body usually can not keep up with the beat movement, thIs body and head uncoordinated movement, Will eventually put pressure on the cervical spine , resulting in cervical spine injury. If the height of the headrest Is inappropriate, cervical spine injury and even become fatal, not only about the vIsible head restraint height with comfort. Before looking at ways to adjust the headrest of the Car, we take a look at what the rest height incorrectly can cause serious consequences.

The headrest height Is too high: the head impact does not buffer

Some owners like to raIse or passenger headrest, so that the headrest height above the head, said that thIs kind of regulation can make sense to protect the head from top to bottom. In fact, thIs so-called sense of protection Is just an illusion. Headrest the softest part of the site in which the headrest height Is too high, lower along the back of the head only contact with the headrest area, a buffer headrests are neglected.

rest height too low: likely to cause cervical fracture

and some owners prefer to head restraints or passenger drop to a minimum, when the headrest with the neck pillow, adjusted such that the neck can be better supported, to avoid fatigue. Headrest height adjustment Is too low, the consequences Will be more serious: When the vehicle Is hit, the head Will reverse impact head restraints due to inertia moment, because the rest height Is too low, the neck Will head to whip hit state pillow, cervical spine fracture caused fatal injuries.

HeadrestHow to adjust the

1, first adjust the angle of the seat, so that the back upright as

In height adjustable headrest before, we need to do Is adjust the seat back angle. We know that human body parts in contact with the seat back and head restraint are the angle between the head and neck and back, head and neck and the body leveled off, the more you can reduce the degree of injury when the occupant of the vehicle was hit. It should be noted that the angle of the seat back does not and more rigid, the should be kept slightly backward.

2, flush with the head rest height should be

As mentioned earlier, most of the headrest soft and part of it Is the highest level of protection in the middle of the headrest. Thus, the headrest should be adjusted to a height flush with the head, the headrest or the intermediate flexible portion in a direction parallel with the ear, when the vehicle Is subject to severe impact when the headrest in order to effectively protect the head and cervical spine.

3, and the headrest brain spacing as small as possible

From a physical point of view, when the vehicle Is hit, the head and brain the smaller the dIstance between the pillow, head and neck headrest play greater buffering action. ThIs spacing up to not more than 4 cm, corresponding to the width of two fingers in parallel. In addition, we can also install neck pillow on the seat, to strengthen the protective effect of the seat.

4, the headrest height adjustment depends on whether the firm latching pin

According to the above steps to regulate seat angle and height of the headrest, the headrest should be fixed to the corresponding height of a Card Fortunately, the headrest does not wobble, and the two are equal to the length of the plug Is inserted.

Summary: Car headrests and not just to create comfort in the event of an emergency on the value of the vehicle occupants play a key role in protecting Automobile headrest Is located. So, we are in the process of daily Car, we should pay attention to the height adjustable headrest, so that the headrest to protect our devices become, and not only Care whether headrest get comfortable.