The rage of car seat cover, Why now rare? Older drivers: understand the car more

Is now U.S.’s Auto industry Is the most popular time, a joint venture vehicle mix of wind and water, domestic Car also has a tendency to rIse, the price Is the key to the Car continued to decline, to get the Car into the lives of ordinary people in the past. It Is close to the people as the price of the Car, a Car Is no longer what to expect, and even ordinary people can afford a Car, if the budget Is not enough but also by way of loans, to further promote the people’s desire to buy a Car. The first thing a lot of people buy a Car, to admire and to decorate their Car.

Although today Is not difficult to buy a Car, but to buy such an expensive big-ticket, the owner of the hearts Will always have a fresh enthusiasm, but also great Care , so some owners Will be affixed to the Car Car film, so that the new Car to keep beautiful, but also to protect the Car from harm. There are some Car owners pay more attention to the Car’s interior, in addition to add some small decorative addition, also for the installation of seat covers Car seat, it Will not only protect the leather material on the seat, but also a very good Car regulation atmosphere within. But the rage of the Car seat cover, Why now rare? Older drivers: understand the Car more.

older drivers believe that if you buy a genuine leather seat covers to protect it completely unnecessary, and bring the dermIs Is a pleasure, since bought also not enjoy, white spent odds do not say, there Is a certain rIsk. Today’s Car seat cover design Is very simple, do not take into account the airbag and rear side airbags can pop up, hit it happens, then the airbag Will not eject in time, so the danger brought no joke. Even installed seat cover can cause the air bag completely unable to eject, increased security rIsks when driving. Dangerous

In addition, the installation of seat covers bring many ways. Some owners feel no need to install seat covers much good, so buy are of poor quality, can not be a perfect match with the seat, there Will be even stronger when using dynamic slip. Do not think that what Is normal sliding seat covers or seat Is not fit, or Is the wrong choice of material, the use of such seat covers Will also increase traffic hazards.

Then a lot of production Is not inferior sleeveQualified, more odor itself, fitted to the Car Will affect the air quality inside. And the smell were likely to contain toxic, prolonged inhalation of the body Will feel uncomfortable, feel dizzy or sleepy If driving, it Is likely to be caused by such a seat cover. So as people’s awareness of the Car, formerly a popular seat covers basic no one used, your Car still available?