The price of electric cars Why so high?

in the same Car brands inside, the same level of new energy electric Car prices much more expensive than traditional fuel vehicles. For example, the traditional fuel vehicles Corolla at about 12 million can start one. But if gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, even after the subsidy, need about 16-17 million. If it Is pure electric vehicles, the price Will be higher. Some friends Will ask, Why Is thIs?

Traditional fuel vehicles Is Big Three main components: engine, transmIssion and chassIs. New energy electric vehicles Is the most important of the three power: battery, motor, electric control. These three systems can account for about 80% of the vehicle cost. Traditional fuel vehicles are the most expensive parts of the engine, assuming a 10 million worth of Cars, engines occupies cost about 3-6 million. However, a new energy electric vehicles, battery life can reach 400 kilometers battery pack, it costs cost about 8-10 million. Relatively speaking, the cost price of the motor Is not so high, it Is obvious, battery electric vehicles make up the bulk of thIs Is accounted for.

In addition to that we can see the cost of production R & D costs of electric vehicles Is also high. There are many companies in the new energy electric Car later, when R & D, found it simply “burn”, R & D costs are very large. And research and development costs are to be divided equally to the sale of the Car above. Electric vehicles expected low sales, research and development costs Will be high. Developed an electric Car, the sales of 100,000 and sales of one million, Is simply different, Automobile mass production of cost-sharing Will differ. The share of traditional fuel Car market Is very large. The most important or high sales. And its R & D costs are relatively low. The most important Is sharing and more. With new energy electric vehicle research and development, it has developed rapidly in recent years. Cost Is gradually decreased state subsidies began to slowly back slope, ushered in after the outbreak of electric vehicles, low-cost price decline, the market Will lead to lower prices.