The price of 50 million supercar what engine? People are not just fast so simple

there Is always a group of people on the planet like the pursuit of speed, so there are so few manufacturers have to break speed records in the production Car, which Is one of the most flamboyant Bugatti. 2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport record at the time the world’s fastest production Car speed record: 415 km / h. In 2016, Bugatti introduced a new generation of models Chiron, although still using 8.0T W16 engine, but its performance has been greater than the previous generation breakthrough, the factory Is expected to reach a top speed of 465km / h. ThIs time we take a look at the first push thIs behemoth reached the pinnacle of engine speed Is exactly what a monster, what its structure special? Its advantages and shortcomings Where Is?

speed reading point

1, born in 2005 the maximum bujiadiweilong W16 1001 horsepower engine, Fit 1.5L roughly equivalent to 7.6 units or 5.4 units BMW 320Li;

2, urban Veyron hundred kilometers to about 40 liters, the speed state just 10 minutes to finIsh a an oil tank;

3, 2016, Chiron Veyron successor still use 8.0T W16 turbocharged engine, the maximum horsepower has soared to 1500, 0-96km / h acceleration just 2.4 seconds;

4, peak speed Is also a price, a rather complex structure Bugatti W16 engine, which has a valve 64, an exhaust gas turbocharger 4 control, repair, maintenance and reliability Will be challenged;

reached the top speed must rely Fengyun heart

W16 Engine what’s special structure

Normal inline four-cylinder engine (L4) Is four cylinders arranged vertically in parallel together; V6 engine Is a V-type, side by side on each side three cylinders; Volkswagen Group VR6 engine Is a V-type engine and a combination of traditional inline engine the product was examined by small angle six cylinders arranged in a V-type, but only one engine cylinder head and a cylinder volume of the engine more compact than V6.

to rely on the same public group W12 two VR6 engine Is a V-type engine are connected together, and W12 W16 engine that Is based on the engine further increases the four cylinders.

or W16 and W12 engine public Although it looks slightly complicated, but also the number of multiple cylinders, but also all of the pIston rod connected to a crankshaft by the final output power. If you can not imagine how how W16 engine operation can see the figure.

ThIs Mazda W12 having engine dIsplacement of 3981cc, specific performance data has never been dIsclosed. Mazda had planned with these engines in the luxury sub-brand Amati’s flagship model, but after the economic bubble burst, the project was canceled. But there are many online rumors that the Volkswagen Group Is the W12 engine as a source of inspiration, of course, we do not know the truth, but from the side reflects the fact do W-type engine, and more than the public one, nor Is it the first to do public .

W16 engine so what advantage? Where Is the short board?

Bugatti Chiron W1AnalysIs of the engine 6


Bugatti Car can ascend peak speed, relying on a strong driving force W16 engine provided with a W16 engine which Is currently the world’s only mass production using the W-shaped 16-cylinder engine, which Is backed by Volkswagen Group’s strong R & D capabilities. Of course, thIs stuff Is due to their cost, maintenance complex, requiring supporting hardware requirements are quite high, leading to the current public nor ported to use other models, did not modify other providers with which tried to transplant to the other engine models. (FIG / text / photo: Automotive News( Duqing Wei)