The origin of the blood Ford Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth prototype

face of the market increasing blood Cannon option, Ford Focus RS coming to a new generation of super cannon against VW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda or Toyota, but when we follow the words slowly RS after climbing up, you can see the Ford super cannon Car shape seemingly general Car behind it hung a huge three-legged tail, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth performance-violent and the famous in Europe in the 1980s, and the United Kingdom people respect called blue-collar hero.

Ford to create original purpose Sierra RS500 Cosworth, Is racing through Group A vehicle certification testing room, FIA regulations when participating manufacturers need to produce as much as five thousand production models, so if Ford intends to participate in thIs contest contending Car to the market’s best-selling Car models to promote the certification program Is a convenient measure, then Ford Will choose the model has been quite clear.

so there Is no suspense, Ford used the 1986 as a three-door Sierra models developed spindle, the Ford Special Vehicle Engineering department ( SVE) for the first time with the BritIsh engine manufacturer Cosworth R & D, equipped with a 2.0 turbocharged Cosworth-tuned engine, with 204 horsepower strong output, which Is also a sign hung Cosworth Ford performance Cars.

According to the FIA ​​rule book points out, once the Car manufacturers reached a production base five thousand, it began the development permit Evolution of the introduction of more advanced models, Ford eventually sold as many as 5,545 Cars Sierra RS Cosworth, which also includes the five hundred “Evolution version” -Sierra RS500 Cosworth.

RS500 official debut in 1987, the foundation had quite good performance of Sierra RS Cosworth further and put Garrett AiResearch huge turbine system, let horsepower from 200 up to 224 head, put onImproved aerodynamic package, and coupled with a larger intercooler and upgraded brakes, Ford in the 1980s sold 500 defines the Sierra RS500 Cosworth models, but at the apex of these vertex models, as well as more RS500 Cosworth Is rare prototypes.

ThIs should complete four test prototypes destroyed unexpected survived so far, and onward sold to private collectors, these prototypes Cars have in common Is full with white paint made in 1987 by the Ford factory regIstration plate, put a continuous number of the license plate number “DII2 VEV ~ DII5VEV”.