The next five years “Buyers guide”, in the future you may not buy these cars on the road are struggling!

With the official implementation of increasingly stringent domestic policies and a double integral environmental policy, new energy vehicles Is the general trend, various Car companies in order to obtain higher integration, to obtain greater profits, but also continue to introduce new models of new energy.

at the 2019 New York Auto show, there are a large wave of new energy vehicles officially unveiled, they are likely to appear in your purchase lIst next five years, had to look at!

“Qin Pro” At the name, sure to be superior to cash Qin, because with “Pro, Plus” are generally more expensive. Compared with cash Qin, the design of the new Car Is significantly different, the use of the former Dragon Face face Qin Pro gas market look more powerful.

In addition, also a large body size of the circle, length and breadth were 4765/1837 / 1495mm, wheelbase 2718mm; there Is little body side small fastback design, dynamic.

with the new Car interiors Biyaditang very similar, on the console screen Is not only a large size multimedia system, most of the functional operation of integrated very compelling; full LCD instrument naturally, Will not lack in the sense of science and technology in the forefront of the same level models.

Is also expected Car engine mounted 1.5T + plug-in hybrid system of the motor, MinIstry combined consumption 1L / 100km, still seen at the rear 5.9s logo, one hundred kilometers acceleration time may still 5.9s.

MG 6 plug-in hybrid version has been lIsted in the middle of thIs month, and in the current New York Auto Show, MG bring of a different MG 6 plug-in hybrid, Racing logo below the license plate that may indicate an enhanced version of the track.

increase in the appearance of the Car a motion surrounded exaggerated, either forwardly projecting front shovel, or the rear expansionDiffuser and tail raIsed high, seemed performance full range of children.

MG 6 plug hybrid uses a combination of power 1.0T engine + electric motor, the integrated maximum power of 228 horsepower, the integrated maximum torque of 622 Nm meters, measured one hundred kilometers acceleration time of 6.83 seconds, performed well.

It Is worth mentioning that the MG has unveiled a new SUV concept Car –MG X-motion, the Car’s design the theme Is defined as “run of hormones.”

It represents the future of the MG brand new design language, vehicle styling and concept Cars so there Is no general science fiction, but still dynamic, future production Cars should be able to retain most of concept Car elements.

Brilliant Brilliant GE and GE are new energy Brilliant conventional hybrid and plug-in hybrid version of the model, the entire Brilliant styling with fuel version Is quite similar, drop ripple grille, a high degree of recognition.

However, slightly larger than the body size Brilliant cash, length and breadth were 4986/1861 / 1513mm, wheelbase 2870mm, plug-in hybrid version the left front fender side adds a charging interface.

changes the vehicle Is relatively large, especially in the control region, the control screen and the large 12.3 inch plaque on the right side together with the connection, the vIsual effect Is very shocking, it seems fairly upscale feel.

Power, Brilliant GE plug-in hybrid version of the engine + electric motor mounted 1.5T hybrid system, matching 7-speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox.

As one of NIssan’s sales of the most popular models, Sylphy virtue of the large space, the advantages of low fuel consumption by domestic consumers love, in thIs session of the New York Auto show, NIssan Sylphy brought pure electric version of the model, officially known asSylphy · pure electricity.

From the looks of it, it really Is a Sylphy, just a few more blue new energy labeling. But in fact it Is based on new generation platform to build from the Leaf electric Car, or even that it Is a “plastic” to look like Sylphy hear the wind.

Interior also with fuel version of the Sylphy remained the same and has not changed much, a little something new energy vehicles of individual elements, but NIssan “big sofa “style seats’d continued down, coupled with the quiet nature of the motor, ride feel worth the wait.

power, Sylphy · pure electric powered by a model TZ200XS5UR motor, maximum power of 109 horsepower, compared with the Leaf electric motor 150 horsepower to low, its overall mileage of 338 kilometers, the new Car Will be officially lIsted in October thIs year.

VELITE 6 Buick introduced a brand new energy vehicles, compared with the previously lIsted VELITE 5, there are designs the difference, using a concept Car VELITE same design concept, the family wing of the network Will also appear on the new Car.

side of the body more radical design, the use of a large number of complex lines, looks quite dynamic, floating roof also closely follow the trend of.

tail shape also has a strong sense of movement, the line extends downward, creating a forward dive gesture, “sickle” shaped taillights very sharp, very recognizable.

VELITE 6 PHEV equipped with a set by a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine + motor hybrid system, the official claimed that its maximum mileage to 700km, combined fuel consumption of only 1.4L / 100km. Further, VELITE 6 well plate pure electric vehicles, and hybrid version slightly different in appearance detail.

Jaguar I-PACE Is arguably one of the most fiery of the most recent models, many people are wondering how much the price in the current New York Auto Show, Jaguar announced its official pre-sale price 68.80-78.80 yuan, Is not cheap.

as a new electric SUV Jaguar, I-PACE concept Car retains the general shape, design and more avant-garde and daring than the exIsting SUV models, while retaining brand design elements, but also made some special design for thIs electric Car, for example, enclosed in mesh gate.

stepped rear with Jaguar’s other SUV models are different, the feeling of watching some sci-fi, rear logo mean thIs EV400 the Car has 400 horsepower.

I-PACE very dIsruptive interior Similarly, the lower half area in the control sub using a suspension design, the two upper and lower control panel with a large knobs and buttons control the size of the entity, both to ensure ease of operation, also managed to create a good sense of technology.

Dynamic aspects, I-PACE front and rear dual motor Is mounted, the maximum power of 400 hp, 696 Nm of torque, the official 0-100km / h acceleration time 4.8 seconds in regulation edition model uses a 81kWh capacity battery pack, NEDC overall condition mileage Is 500km.

from the New York Auto show debut of many new energy vehicles, whether it Is an ordinary family Cars or sports Cars, performance Cars in the direction of the transition to new energy sources, While part of the reason may be the policy of compromIse, but I think the new energy vehicles own advantage Is obvious.

because even after ordinary motor fuel vehicles to join, Will be able to significantly reduce fuel consumption, there Is no small upgrade vehicle performance, Why not do it ? For pure electric vehicles, the oil does not burn only electricity, Car costs would undoubtedly reduce a lot. If in the future be able to achieve a major breakthrough in battery technology, then, Fuel Car era may really want to knotBeam, and then we Will enter a new era of new energy vehicles!