The new release Is expected in August Biyaditang interior or small change

[Automotive News(] According to BYD official said, Biyaditang upcoming facelift, the new Car Is expected to be officially unveiled in August thIs year. Compared with cash Tang, the new Car Is expected to be adjusted in the interior design and part of the configuration.

Tang cash DM dIstinguIshed type four-wheel drive engine bIs

have cash Biyaditang fuel Edition, plug-in hybrid Three Dynamics forms and pure electric-powered version of version, the price range of 12.99-35.99 yuan. Don’s interpretation of the appearance of depth BYD “Dragon Face” design language, “Dragon” element throughout the vehicle. The Car also presents a comprehensive family BYD latest interior design style, minimalIst center console with rotatable in the control of large screen size, perception and experience have been recognized by users.

Tang EV600D cash AWD chi type Creation

Version fuel cash Biyaditang turbocharger mounted 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 141kW (192PS) / 5500rpm, peak torque of 320N ยท m / 1500-4000rpm, 6-speed manual gearbox match; the DM Edition (hybrid version plug) mounted on a turbocharged engine + motor 2.0T composition powertrain system integrated maximum power 431kW (2020 models) / 321kW (2020 models), matching 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox and smart four-wheel drive system.

Tang DM engine compartment

Tang purely electrical version of a two-drive type and four-wheel type, two drive- maximum power Is arranged in the front axle 180kW (245PS) drive motor, MinIstry mileage 520km, four-wheel type front and rear dual motor, motor power 360kW (490PS), MinIstry 500km mileage life. The new model Is expected to follow the cash power configuration. For more information on the new Biyaditang, we Will pay close attention. (Article: Automotive News( Wu Yu early)