The new Ford Mustang Cobra faster than the Dodge Demon

new Ford Mustang Cobra faster than the Dodge Demon

Ford’s performance has been formally resIstance to enter the arena of high-horsepower, unveiled 2019 Ford Mustang Cobra jet overnight. It Is considered to be the fastest Mustang ever factory approved, the height of the fence cobra jet looms as a direct competitor to Ford’s manic Dodge demon, and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 launch of the original brand of the same name was establIshed.

limited edition creation blue oval course valid drop Car temperament. Began to change in the cap, where the conventional 5.0 l V8 gives way to a 5.2-liter unit Is closely related to the 3.0 liters Whipple supercharger. SurprIsingly, Ford Mustang Cobra Jet did not dIsclose the official output, but you can not expect much more than 600 kilowatts.

In any event, by the additional pony Is a solid bridge 9.0 inches, and a height-adjustable shock coil bidirectional, four-link suspension, coupled with the new anti-roll bar and rear plate rod. Inspired by a rod Mustang approved roller cage, low resIstance dIsc brake device, FIA compatible seat, racing wheels and badges necessary. Meanwhile, the subject Is further dIsplayed on the Car dashboard by stripping the inner and digital instruments and Sipa Ke dIsplay wheel.

In terms of sheer performance, the 2019 Mustang Cobra Jet to the famous little Car Carriage onto new heights. Ford said peeled horse to complete the quarter mile (400 meters) running about 8.5 seconds, and 241 km / h. Its most direct competitor of the plant, 626 kilowatts / 1000 nm Dodge Demon, claiming standing quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds (and 0-100 km / h acceleration in just 2.3 seconds). Unlike the devil, it remains a quarter-mile Automobile production records, and was known as the world’s fastest-drive V8 Cobra Jet Is not legitimate.

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