The new BMW X5 M / X6 M lIsted for sale 143.89-146.89 Wan

[Automotive News(] a new generation of the BMW X5 M (F85) / X6 M (F86) has been waiting a long time for, X5 M sold 1.4389 million, X6 M sold 1,468,900. Not surprIsingly dynamic use of the same paragraph S63B44TU4 M5 engine, 0-100km / h time M divIsion powerful V8 engine these two brutal large SUV advance to 4 seconds mark, superCar met every call Dad (Porsche 911 Carrera Is 4.2 seconds). Unfortunately, the initial lIsting of the two Cars do not include Thunder version.

challenge Newton’s law of the beast

X5 M / X6 M front bumper enormous double vent grille bars decorated projecting a unique identity of M POWER, behind the bumper system Is enhanced cooling fins. Whole system comes standard LED headlights, laser headlights are optional. Thunder version Is more blackening has more handsome appearance, including high gloss black grille, black exterior mirrors, etc., can of course add money on the Carbon fiber.

Today, Car cooler has been sufficient to meet the cooling requirements of the engine of the vehicle. And cooling holes located on the side of the actual functional role has not initially Is so obvious. ThIs type of gill vents and shark gills as Maserati, and perhaps more so in the expression of genes racing heritage and share the pursuit of pure performance.

X5 M spoiler roof with a large-sized apparatus, under a pressure of enhanced rear of the vehicle. Four exhaust pipes are already the POWER marker M, the diameter of each exhaust pipe has 10cm thick, Thunder also comes standard version of the model M sports exhaust system.

In addition to the M 21 inches standard twin-spoke light alloy wheels 808M color, the owner also can be equipped with 295/35 / R21 front tire with a size 21 inches star color light alloy wheels 809M, together with 315/30 / RAfter the tire 22 Is mounted Specifications 22-inch wheels, front and rear wheels have the same final diameter.

Brake section Is still strong, M complex in BMW claims brake – the first six 395 mm and pIston fixed front ventilation bore and a single floating pIston dIsc brake caliper and the brake dIsk 380 mm on the rear head may be achieved these big guys from 2.3 tons per hour 100KM / h brake stop within 32 meters.

collide Merino dermIs track element

X5 M new vehicle steering / shift lever are replaced by a unified style model M with M MODE button on the steering wheel. Similar racing Car seat bucket design, the integration of the seat back and the seat headrest, Merino surface of the wrapping of fine leather surface. Two Car also comes standard with HUD.

intelligent personal assIstant to join the new BMW machine Is another highlight of BMW Live Cockpit Professional by voice “Hey BMW” AssIstant to wake up, indicating more convenient to use the other functions of the vehicle through the preset voice.

Although the keys are almost exclusively, but you do not have to worry about a little blind operation by mIstake, feels slightly cold and accompanied special touch metals, the right, that Is, air temperature, air volume control keys and AC; both have a little matte feel of plastic, Is external circulation, a blowing mode, Automatic air conditioning, front / rear window there demIster seat ventilation function; touch down again smooth plastic texture, that Is, a multimedia-related key.

can only be met superCar called the father

with the same section of the M5 S63B44TU4 Also on the service engine X5 M. Because lightweight and dynamic performance of the vehicle to enhance the standard version of the model 0-100km / h takes 3.9s, 0-200km / h only 13.5s; more than twoA result, almost the Thunder version 0.1s, 3.8s and 13.4s only need to complete.

has an engine and a chassIs suspension modes can be selected, respectively EFFICIENT, SPORT and SPORT PLUS; steering feel and brake Jiaogan there are two selection mode, namely, COMFORT and SPORT. Meanwhile, M xDrive 4WD and 4WD system provides a choice SPORTs provided. All the contents of which may be provided with the engine sound preferences of the driver, an eight-speed transmIssion characterIstic M Steptronic transmIssion, driving stability control and Automatic start-stop function together as the permanent storage mode M1 or M2. Then, at any time by pressing the corresponding steering wheel M1, M2 to adjust the configuration of the entire vehicle.

In the above there Is an M MODEL SETUP button, BMW officially declared Fengyun button brings more pure, high-performance experience for the driver. The basic dashboard dIsplay content, HUD head-up dIsplay and a variety of features can be modified driver assIstance system, which gives permIssion to the driver can select between ROAD and SPORT mode. In the Thunder version of the model as well as the option TRACK mode, which Is designed specifically for track track mode. In SPORT mode or TRACK, dashboard content Will become more streamlined, more pure, so the driver to focus more on driving itself.

excellent driving dynamics

M xDrive also be derived from the new Car rear emphasIs intelligent all-wheel drive. The new system Is tuned, may be strong power output of the engine to the wheels, and optimize the power output at directional stability and non-paved road and bad weather. Thunder on the version, the driving mode adds TRACK track mode, the electronically controlled rear axle differential lock, a variable M suspension, maximize road performance of the vehicle.

The new X5 M Is also equipped with the new variable M Servotronic steering system, which Is compared to the standard model and a more accurate motion. Its ratio with the steering angle changes, and therefore the lockOnly the more hierarchical. Steering feel can be adjusted according to the speed and road conditions, and therefore at very low speed (e.g. parking lot), both lightweight and very easy to control.

standard driver assIstance systems include: blind spot detection, lane departure warning, collIsion warning rear, front collIsion warning and pedestrian warning and collIsion mitigation city (if detected bicycles Will also warn the driver), cross traffic alert and speed limit information, and so on. The optional driver assIstance package includes professional active cruIse control with a Stop & Go function, side impact protection with active lane keeping assIstant, enhanced traffic jam assIstant, parking assIstant enhancement package. (Article: Automotive News( Xie Peng)