The new Audi Q7 on the market, from classic cars the facelift, the ability to challenge the BMW X5?

Recently, the mid-term facelift Audi Q7 officially lIsted, the new Car follows the overseas edition models of the design style can be described as a change in the past exquIsite rounded shape, thIs time in the new Audi Q7 as a large SUV, you can He said to be angular, either exterior or interior has a great progress. In 2020, a large luxury SUV sales lIst, the Audi Q7 to 20 229 results came in fifth, while the BMW X5 Is based on 38,728 total score in the first place, then we Will look at today, the change after the models, the Audi Q7 Is there a shake BMW X5 strength.


The new Audi Q7 on Audi Pikes Peak quattro concept Car build comes at the same time followed the family’s good genes made some minor changes. The second generation of the Audi Q7 hexagonal grille Is let go, instead of octagonal exaggerated integral grille, the internal lateral lattice matching, Is very delicate. That Moreover, the new Audi Q7 also reshaped the “Roman pillars” of the Q8 classic design, with six vertical decorative trim outside grill, build a sense of depth to the front face. Enjoy the “Light Factory” Audi Q7 prestigious accomplIshments in the headlights of nature Will not let us down, as a “light factory”, the new Audi Q7 also optional high-definition matrix LED headlights with laser headlights, and its outline lighting characterIstics vIsually vehicle width Is increased, and the overall arrangement of lighting more sophIsticated design, the lamp chamber more complex internal structure, can achieve ultra-long irradiation range.

The new Audi Q7 tail have also been redesigned to adopt an elongated tail chrome connect taillights, but it Is different from Audi the A6L and taillights blending of design, reflecting more just embellIshment role on thIs Car Audi Q7. Taillights using the new “segment” design language, and the overall arrangement of lighting more sophIsticated design, the lamp chamber more complex internal structure, do not rough now cukuang large SUV gas field.

and see the appearance of the BMW X5 part of the new BMW X5 a more aggressive performance in the design, vIsual effectsPresents the results of a good fighting spirit. Family flag “kidney” grille large sized, arranged vertical grid outline strong vIsual effect, which Is of course also by the shape of the plane was changed to three-dimensional relief design, with the active grille, enhance the sense of technology. Headlight lamp group both internal cavity Is blackened part design, built-in high-beam laser peer group leader, the low beam lamp with LED, provides a powerful lighting effects at night. In the three-stage below the inlet portion, the BMW X5 also joined like a vertical duct, provides a good cooling effect for the front wheel.

In order to create a more intense motion effects, designers are still the BMW X5 wheel arch of the eyebrow joined the round design, vIsual effects Will appear Xiaokuan body experience, highlighting the style of its movement. The design of the entire tail biggest bright spot of the BMW X5 taillights, BMW X5 above using the same three-dimensional relief design language, integrated with a C-shaped neon lamp Is lit only after more recognizable, and very simple and capable. Use scuff plates worth extra points, but if a more three-dimensional design, then it Is even more perfect.

Interior parts:

into the vehicle, compared with the appearance of young fashion, interior part personally feel Is the highlight of the mid-term facelift Audi Q7 where, perhaps you have had a fatigued Audi new three-screen design, but thIs did not prevent it in the large SUV Car body brIsk performance, even you Will feel that thIs Is some of the three-screen “home.” 12.3 inches full virtual cockpit +10.1 inch LCD touch screen +8.6 inch above the center of the bottom center of the touch screen, and jointly create a rich revolutionary “three-screen linkage”, can achieve full smart touch interactive experience. There are also new upgrade MMI touch screen, it abandoned the conventional button operation, supports tactile and audible feedback to further enhance the driving safety.

In the interior of the new BMW X5 performance compared to previous generation models Is also very obvious. T-shaped in the control layout Is not complicated, on the contrary, after adding 12.3 inches in the control panel, it Will make people feel moreSimple atmosphere, with full LCD instrument panel and more sense of technology. Work on the interior of thIs class of models since Needless to say, the materials on the BMW X5 also added a lot of decorative wood trim, enhance the texture of the interior. In addition, the internal control panel Is also equipped with the seventh generation of BMW iDrive system, UI interface has been significantly improved. Also like crystal Dangba, intelligent sensing ambient lighting and a panoramic sunroof are also equipped to create immersive experience.

Dynamic part:

Dynamic part, the new mounted two power Audi Q7 Total into which 2.0 liters turbocharged engine maximum power of 180 kW (245 hp), maximum torque of 370 Nm, the drive portion 8 are matched speed manual gearbox; 3.0 l turbocharged engine maximum power of 250 kW (340 hp), maximum torque of 500 Nm, the transmIssion 8 Is also partially matched speed manual gearbox, and the new four-wheel drive system Is mounted Audi quattro.

Also mounted two BMW X5 powertrain, wherein 2.0 liters turbocharged engine maximum power of 195 kW (265 hp), maximum torque of 400 Nm m, 8 Is partially matched transmIssion speed manual gearbox; 3.0 l turbocharged engine maximum power of 250 kilowatts (340 hp), maximum torque of 450 Nm, the transmIssion 8 Is also partially matched speed manual gearbox , the whole system are equipped with timely four-wheel drive system.


In summary point of view, the Audi Q7 and BMW X5 in fact, very competitive, each after an upgrade adopt a family-oriented design language, on the whole are very young and trendy, but in the interior of performance, the Audi Is more focus on creating a sense of technology, from the Audi A6L recent month sales performance, three-screen design for the masses Is still very accepted, and the BMW X5 Is more attention to the overall texture. Select the power section of the two vehicles also give consumers more likely to meet the different needs of consumers. Overall, the future of the new Audi Q7 to have part of the offerAfter that, I believe we can impact sales of the BMW X5 throne.

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