The most expensive domestic car inventory, comparable to the first Rolls-Royce, the money does not necessarily buy

in everyone’s minds, we all feel that domestic Cars must be cheap, imported Cars must be expensive, but the idea should be altered, because the fact that thIs Is not so, here I am come to tell you which Is very expensive inventory inventory of domestic Cars have it?

SAIC Chase G10

highest price: 269 800

there Is a Car called the SAIC Chase g10, thIs Car Is a high-end mpv, domestic Cars from the Car Is still considered relatively show for a Car. He technologies from design to actual product, have done international, had just came out, so many Automotive media are excited for a long time. From the on-board power and the Car, it can be regarded as market positioning, and a variety of Car sizes and configuration point of view Is a benchmark of its own brand Car signs. A little short board on the Car size design are not, if you enter into the real vehicle, you Will find the driving position and passenger seat, and the rear seat space Is almost exactly the same, but also other features seat exactly the same, so that people ride also has a very pleasant experience. And hIs two-handle design, but also conducive to ride in different situations, allowing passengers to better adjust their riding posture.

Zotye SR7 GAL Limited Edition

highest price: 366 700

as well as a domestic fuel suv most expensive Car, the Car What Is the name of it? The Car Is the Thai public SR7 GAL limited edition, which Is limited only seven a Car, but unfortunately it did not come out when the News particularly large, and hIs face Is a small group of people, and it provoked a spark little. The Car Is very beautiful, crystal gold limited edition, but inside it Is used in the interior are decorated gilt and amethyst. The Car’s grille, trim, roof rack, as well as the rim of the middle logo, are gilt decoration, the overall effect Is very luxurious.

In addition, many places have adopted the outer frame and the metal plating process for forming a suture golden echoes, especiallyThe beautiful, good-looking and generous, but also always reveals the unique qualities of thIs Car. But thIs Car only sell seven, not ordinary people can buy get.

Hongqi L5

Minimum price: 500 million

we say that domestic Cars old man said that Is a red flag l5, the price of the Car up to 500 million, Is a very luxurious luxury Car, the Car users are not particularly rich people, there Is a special status of people . The Car’s design appearance Is very atmospheric, very dignified, but it’s headlights are round, there are very Manner, the line Is also very smooth. Now the United States Is using diplomatic Car, imagine how good the Car Is. Even the leaders are using the Car, of course, the United States produced a good Car the most high-end, comparable to Rolls-Royce. Of course, thIs Is not the Car also Will be able to buy 5 million, the Car had to review qualifications.

Read these domestic Cars, Cars are not a good Car? It Is not to make you surprIsed eyeball almost fell out?