“The most beautiful Volkswagen,” Volkswagen CC design Is fascinating!


Volkswagen CC for many years known as “the most beautiful ever Volkswagen.” But even then the United States model, the rapid development of the Automotive industry, innovation Is commonplace. 2013 can be considered the first official facelift CC, in order to meet the more popular family of design ideas, new CC changes are made mainly concentrated on the details of the new exterior design and interior layout. Powertrain and chassIs structure and so has not changed, so we naturally have to look to invest in its design.


the public once again Will “continue” word implement down on the 2013 Volkswagen CC, thIs design makes the family a few years almost all Volkswagen models are It Is thIs way. Appearance changes mainly face and tail lights, it seems to be much more tough front, compared with the older CC Duoliaoyifen to appear mature and stable. The older CC U-type front face Is designed to replace the X-type, machine front cover of two muscles were castrated, with many chrome trim and less elegant and Smart feeling.

adds sleek LED headlamps running lights also have MDF dynamic headlight function, once Danfeng replaced angular styling, business atmosphere blowing. U-shaped LED running lights not only gives the 2013 Volkswagen CC new fashion, but also enhance driving safety during the day, and implanted MDF dynamic functions can also help to identify the front of the Car to achieve the dIstance light switch Automatically. Fog change shape, change traditional round into strips and added chrome, called a highlight detail.

side surfaces were micro decorativeTune, compared with little change in the old section. Volkswagen CC Coupe classic styling was handed down, a slightly longer body, not enough to change the vIsual sense, the new CC Bottom design seems to make more exciting. Body size remains at 4812mm / 1855mm / 1417mm, wheelbase Is maintained during 2712mm. Goodyear Tire uses Excellence, size 235/45 R17, its overall performance Is very good.

tail design Is based on old models on the basIs of the adjustment comes, and no significant change Is undoubtedly the most eye-catching LED taillight, and want more than the old halogen rounded taillights, whether it Is light or shape It has the effect to enhance the quality and enhance the modern Is in line with the current mainstream aesthetic. The new design concept overall look more full, full sense of the taillights at night the effect Is quite good, more Alice spoiler designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of Asians.

and interior configuration:

with the older style interior remains fully unified, simple design very practical, silver and black and brown tri-color sport with a great taste . The biggest change comes from the interior air conditioning button layout, integrated air conditioning button layout Is alone on top of the control panel, the overall effect of the change called the highlight of the interior, the center console perfect together. 2013 Volkswagen CC workmanship basically represent the highest standards of public domestic models, on the surface, could not pick any major problems.

configuration, the new CC also added a number of new configuration, the front seats may be added to the seat ventilation adjustable third gear, third gear different wind Alternatively, thIsConfiguration item of great help to enhance the comfort of the summer of the vehicle. Further ACC systems and adaptive cruIse Automatic parking system has been upgraded. Newly added line and the auxiliary warning lamp on the inside rearview mirror, eye-catching location, easy to observe, can effectively improve traffic safety.

[] 2013 Volkswagen CC 123 wheelbase remains unchanged, performance space in the front row Is good, by the two rear seats designed to adjust to the current three previous design, usability has increased enormously, rear seat in the middle of the floor Is relatively high, but better than only four strong. Trunk space remains for the 532L, the space inside the trunk Is very regular, high utilization of space. 4/6 rear seat can be split down a key, full-size spare tire Is the same section.

power and chassIs:

[] 2013 123 CC 2.0T mass that Is still Volkswagen’s EA888 turbocharged direct injection engine, the maximum power of 147kW / 5100-6000rpm, peak torque 280Nm / 1700-5000rpm. 3.0L V6 models top with a maximum power of 184kW / 6300rpm, peak torque of 310Nm / 3300rpm. And with two engines Is familiar with the 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox wet, high efficiency rapidly shifting, the transmIssion Is one of Volkswagen’s little problems.

before] [] 2013 Volkswagen CC 123 suspension with McPherson independent suspension, four-link rear suspension with independent suspension, responding to bad roads, the suspension responsive enough to ensure adequate grip. CC’s suspension tuning Is very good, excellent suspension and lower bodyThe brake attitude control well, nod phenomenon Is not obvious. More in line with its positioning movement. Over speed humps can feel its solid everyday driving. If intense driving, it Will be very tough side attracted to you, it can impact the ground from effectively resolve, while providing adequate support to the vehicle.

summary: 2013 Volkswagen CC has a lot of people believe that change the appearance of a failure, did not seem exercIse. Now basically all Volkswagen models look into the family, and to see more vIsually inevitably be some fatigue, which can be understood. But from a practical point of view, it Is indeed a very good comprehensive ability of models. Driving feel good, plenty of power, good materials and workmanship, performance space Is also pretty good, the essence of the sport Is still, so still need objective view.

Edit / by Xu Yu