The “mIssing man” of new areas of the automotive industry may be the strongest engine upgrade

June 11, the American Association of Automobile Manufacturers released U.S.’s first intelligent network information security evaluation standard with the Car – “Intelligent Network with Automotive safety evaluation test specification (seek draft). ” Industry experts have pointed out that the development of intelligent network-linked vehicles into strategic opportunities. American VIsion courtesy

If the demand for talent and salary levels of large companies as a standard, the software Is undoubtedly one of the most professional and can not be ignored these days when everybody Candidates for voluntary reporting.

June 20, Volkswagen Group announced the formation of a new Automotive software development department, according to the plan, called “Car.Software” Automotive software development department Will absorb more than in 2025 5000 digital experts, has overall responsibility for on-board software business.

Similarly, Microsoft founder Bill Gates during June 23 to participate in an event admitted that he committed the biggest mIstake Is, “to launch the Google Android (Android) opportunity. “in hIs view, the software industry – especially in terms of operating system platforms – always a” winner-take-all “market.

In 2005, Google at a price of at least 50 million US dollars to buy the company Android, then launched a smartphone operating system – Android system. StatIstics show that as of May 2020, Android in the smartphone operating system market share has reached 75.27 percent, followed by Apple’s iOS system among the market share accounted for 22.74%, other operating systems accounted for less than 1%.

make mIstakes worth before the world’s richest regret not cope? Bill Gates believes that if he then introduced as the first to Andrews as standardized, non-Apple mobile operating platform, “There Will be $ 400 billion transferred from the Google company to Microsoft.”

AI Artificial Intelligence in the ascendant, 5G sped to today, Bill Gates of regret can provide lessons for many Car prices? Volkswagen Group set up a team of 5,000 people, “generous” if Car prices started to snatch the software industry talent starting gun?

the traditional Car companies, Internet companies style all their own American Will become the “main battlefield.”

In fact, including the general public, including many traditional Car prices have already dIscovered, intelligent Car tide, have rushed down the castle they have unbreakable.

in August 2019, Volkswagen Group announced plans to invest $ 4 billion to develop an operating system called “vw.OS” to construct a dedicated public information service platform vehicle networking.

“The Volkswagen Group has been the expert in the field of hardware platforms, and now we Will turn to software development. We Will group all of its brands to develop a unified software has all the basic features, thIs Will significantly reduce the complexity of software development. “Volkswagen passenger Cars brand management members of the Board of Directors, digital service vehicles and head of ChrIstian Senger said that by 2025, the Group’s all new models Will run on the software platform. According to the plan, by 2025, the proportion of the software developed by the Volkswagen Group from the current less than 10% to at least 60%.

in September 2019, Renault – NIssan – MitsubIshi Alliance announced a technology partnership with Google, completely give up their traditional operating system.

In May thIs year, General Motors launched a new electronic platform for vehicles, designed to handle large data load more and more necessary as the Car becomes smarter. According to reports, thIs new “digital nervous system” Will provide wireless software upgrade for all smart phone type GM over the next four years.

Not long ago, the “Queen of the Internet,” said Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report publIshed in 2020 said global Internet users reached 38 million, a penetration rate of more than 50 %. As in previous years, she devotes a chapter to interpret the development trend of the US Internet. In fact, thanks to the mobile Internet era has accumulated a huge advantage and market size, the United States Is considered an important Automotive market intelligence revolution and an important source.

“The future Automotive innovation, the software Will account for 90%.” Volkswagen Group CEO Judith had accessWhen interviewed by Reporters, he said the development of new energy vehicles to speed up the process of intelligent Cars, the Volkswagen Group has been the United States as the main driving force, “the United States Will become the world’s leading Automotive industry market.”

Since 2016, Changan Automobile, New York Automotive Group, SAIC and other major US Car firms have released all intelligent strategy; BYD bombshell dropped in September last year, a tone open 341 sensors on the Car and 66 control, trying to build their own intelligent ecosystem by DiLink intelligent network linking system.

At the same time, ICT companies have joined the race of Autonomous vehicles, Google opened the Apollo (Apollo) platform, Alibaba launched city brain, Huawei in the areas of strength and 5G smart Car integration integration …… For a time, the traditional Automobile manufacturers and Internet companies have to hold together, style all their own.

“The US Auto industry from large to strong two key starting point Is the new energy vehicles and intelligent network linking the Car.” Deputy Secretary-General of the United States Association of Automobile divIsion Jianhua said the United States from intelligent network linking top Car design, strategic planning, regulations, standards and other aspects, to further promote the industrial development. Therefore, intelligent network linking vehicle technology route gradually clear, the key technology of intelligent network linking the Car has also been improved, “especially in terms of environmental sensing technology, wireless communication technology, intelligent interconnect technology, advanced driver assIstance technologies, American companies can already in the international and multinational companies compete on the same stage. “

There Is no doubt that for industry practitioners and about to enter college classroom of students, the development of intelligent network-linked vehicles, for the industry and individuals to bring an unprecedented strategic opportunity. Therefore, the future how to break in personnel training, technological innovation, business models, etc., Is a problem for all need to work together to think and solve.

From the size of the market to R & D costs to be universally accessible to economies of scale

tradition and people the impression that different Automotive industry, new energy and intelligent Automotive sector show a strong demand for compound talents with cross-industry backgrounds. Data show that the traditional Automotive sector, there are cross-industry work experience personnel accounted for the total personnelThe number of 14%, while in the field of new energy and smart Car, there are cross-industry work experience personnel of the total number of personnel as high as 90%.

In other words, talent traditional Automotive background has been unable to fully meet the demand for new talent Car prices. Workplace social platform LinkedIn talent of a trend report shows that the Automotive industry for financial services, information technology and services, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic manufacturing, computer software and other industry professionals attractiveness of being significantly strengthened. BOSS straight recruited Academy previously announced “in 2020 a quarter of human attraction report” shows, software, Internet, education and training ranked first quarter of 2020, before the talent attraction index 3.

“under the Cars ‘new four modernizations’ wave of business costs ‘grab people’ have become more sophIsticated.” Headhunting Career Challenger (a pseudonym) told Reporters that thIs not only from enterprIse strong sense of crIsIs, a more keen sense of smell for a new industrial revolution.

According to ChrIstian Senger said, in addition to Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche’s brand and the company’s software development experts gathered together, Volkswagen also plans to recruit strategic participation and acquIsitions and other forms of consolidation in the sector personnel strength. He said: “We hope that together with the world’s best digital experts, to build a strong reserve force for the digital Car and cloud platform development we are convinced that the Volkswagen Group Will prove its strength to the people, the software as the Group’s future development. core competencies. “

LinkedIn released data show that, in the new country to join the Autopilot in the field of graduates, accounting for the largest group Is master, and has a bachelor degree or above (including MBA) personnel accounted for 71%. In the US, new entrants to the field of Autonomous driving Is the largest group of graduates, (including MBA) personnel have bachelor degree or above accounted for 53%.

At the same time, higher education also through continuous self-innovation to adapt to industry needs. In April thIs year, and after Carrying Institute (hereinafter referred to as “vehicle Academy”), Tsinghua University establIshed the vehicle, Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University, said: “We are currently in a fourth industrial revolution, the university Is the main force of basic research and major technological breakthroughs the source, to take the initiative to joinChange and innovation and development in the transformation. “

According to Dean of College of the vehicle Diange Yang said, the college Will further develop basic research and scientific and technological research in the dominant direction of power engineering and Automotive engineering. In addition, the Institute Will also work with vehicle Department of Automation, software College and other schools in other departments to actively cooperate and unite the strength of Tsinghua joint development of smart Cars, smart transport and smart cities.

Meanwhile, as the software industry to accelerate the penetration of each, with some of the characterIstics of the software industry service industry. in the software Dalian University of Technology to teach Marylebone new that it was important for students to understand the “how to integrate with other dIsciplines.” It Is understood that in recent years, many institutions Carried out a bold teaching reform: the compression of classroom teaching to enable students to quickly lay a solid foundation; to strengthen the practice of teaching, combining software and other dIsciplines of knowledge, to achieve “open education” through school-enterprIse cooperation

there. Insiders said that the wave of intelligent vehicle thIs crucial transformation, who completed the first development of qualified personnel, who Will be able to grasp the future business competition .

However, some people feel, paradoxically, in the Automotive field, most manufacturers Will not dare to invest huge amounts of money and a lot of manpower, research and development of new operating system. In thIs regard, ChrIstian Senger respect to the media, medium and long term, the scale effect of the Volkswagen Group Will benefit from it in competitive Automotive software development. According to him, through standardized software platform, Volkswagen Group Will have more than 10 million each year to achieve full Internet new Car, which Will greatly reduce the cost of software integration on each vehicle. Meanwhile, with the growing number of Internet Automotive, digital eco-system Will also attract new partners and customers. “thIs Is especially important, it Will bring a significant cost advantage for us in the software field. “

Although there has been negative growth, but the world’s largest Auto market, the United States naturally become the main direction of the major Car firms. At the same time, the United States in artificial intelligence, 5G communication technology innovation and applications among the best Cars has been recognized as a breakthrough in artificial intelligence revolution. Some analysts pointed out that the young consumer demand for different vehicles to the scene of the birth of the new software, which undoubtedly Will make CarsHardware Is re-energized intelligent operating system. It Is predicted that by 2020, the market size of the US intelligence network linking the Car can reach 1,000 billion yuan.

As the United States electric vehicle Hundred, director Chen Qingtai said, after years of temper it had “very robust”, but remained simple-minded, still remain in two basic mobile features on the need to give it a strong “head”, that Is, through the man-machine interface with the outside world from time to time to maintain a more humane, more heat connection. In hIs view, the smart Car Will be more powerful than a smartphone “super smart mobile devices,” make people’s lives better and travel more.

Now, after 00 students and prospective students have the opportunity to witness it all and create new miracles belong to the US Auto industry.