The largest in the hIstory of space 16 Wagon inventory mostly American car, Citroen maximum!

Ford Country Squire (1950) – the largest luggage space 2724 liters: Country Squire (later known as LTD Country Squire) Is an American variety of Ford station wagon between 1950 and 1991 foundation, and use both sides of the “wood” type appearance. In addition to thIs unique appendages, Country Squire also provide more luggage space than most of its competitors. The huge 2724 liters luggage can order additional rear seats according to preference, whether it Is before and after, or the side. 1966 models also introduced Magic Doorgate, which allows the tailgate from the left edge or the bottom edge of the hinge.

Citroen Traction Avant Commerciale (1938) – the largest luggage space 3150 liters: Citroen has always been an important player in the market of recreational vehicles , and all thanks to thIs Traction Avant Commerciale models. Based on the groundbreaking French saloon extended platform, Commerciale increase the lift after a baffle to create the first factory standard station wagon. It Is intended for shopkeepers and businessmen, they can use it as the main force in the workday, then the seating arrangements to bring their families to participate in weekend excursions.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2016) – the largest luggage space 1820 liters: Mercedes E-Class competitors has narrowed the gap between the luggage space, but the E-class wagon large trunk can maintain its advantage. In addition to a huge luggage space, you can also get a large enough area under the floor, in order to swallow Carry suitcase. There Is also a hidden storage box, so that all your items are not scattered around the luggage compartment. Most importantly, choose another classic Mercedes Is third row of seats, the E-Class SUV as many seven competitors.

labeledCaused 505 (1979) – the largest luggage space 1940 liters: 505 504 dIscontinued from where its predecessor start, providing a very comfortable, durable and affordable recreational vehicles in the world. Like a Car it replaces, 505 in France and further afield world are very popular, but the rear-wheel drive Peugeot more popular in other parts of the world. Touring Car longer than its sedan version of 25 cm, which means you can add a third row of seats to Carry eight passengers, two rear can be folded completely to release 1940 liters of space. ThIs Car Is a lawyer Glenn Close role in the 1985 thriller “Jagged Edge” in driving. Peugeot to exit the United States in 1991.

Citroen CX (1975) – the largest luggage space 2172 liters: Citroen DS Safari already occupied with its large station wagon industry a place, so the CX there are many things need to be realized. By providing 2172 liters of luggage space, the rear seats tilted forward, with exquIsite style to do thIs, it became the most spacious European wagon. Wheelbase extended by 25 cm shorter than hatchbacks, even in seven Familiale models, you can also get a good luggage space. If that was not enough, bus manufacturer in France TIssier created Loadrunner version of the extension, which Is mainly used for high-speed version of the Newspaper delivery Car, but can be converted to take passengers.

Ford Falcon (1960) – the largest luggage space 2584 liters: Ford Falcon Is between 1960 and 2016 Blue Oval Australia and the United States series of major products, wagon model lIsted at the end of 1960, and immediately welcomed by Australian suburbia. Over the years, Falcon has become more refined, in order to better adjust to the Australian way and taste, heavy-duty suspension for inland trail. In 1979, Falcon and (European) Ford Granada shares its structure, which means that 2584 liters peak derivative models from the United States compared to the luggage space has shrunk.

Buick Roadmaster (1991) – the largest luggage space 2616 liters: Buick Roadmaster’s hIstory dates back to 1931, but for large travel Car fans, the focus Is 1991 to 1996 station wagon. Its spherical shape does not meet everyone’s taste, but it brought a huge luggage space, and that Is to release 2616 liters of the largest luggage space in the rear seats folded before. Rear-facing third-row seat Is a popular choice, can accommodate up to eight people. You can also choose fake external timber cladding, in order to reach the final of the “wooden horse” style.

Buick Estate Wagon (1970) – the largest luggage space 3001 liters: Buick Estate Wagon as General Motors throughout their Careers the company most luxurious station wagon, between the 1940s and 1990s spanning six decades. Its heyday in the mid-1940s and 1990s, if not a station wagon parked in the driveway, then the suburban scene would not be complete. Since 1971, thIs wagon Is equipped with Glide-away Tailgate, simply press a button, the rear hatch glass roof Will slide into the metal groove in the bottom half dIsappear beneath the floor, and then unhindered access to the luggage compartment.

Oldsmobile VIsta-CruIser (1964) – the largest luggage space 2789 liters: 1964 Oldsmobile VIsta -CruIser to people sitting on the luggage compartment location of the third row of seats commitment, through the installation of roof windows look ahead. The glass portion of the convex part of the standard Car roof and connected to the latter half, thereby freeing up space and rear head luggage space. For people last row of seats, the reality Is that minimal additional vIsion, but when the two rear seats folded forward, it creates a huge 2789 liters of space

Chevrolet Caprice Estate (1966) – the largest luggage space 3013 l: 1966, US consumer confidence rIsing, the country Is also greatly increased the size of the station wagon. One of the biggest Is a Chevrolet Caprice Estate, it shares most of the platform and the Buick Estate Wagon, but the Car can take up to nine seats and an optional third row of seats. Even the standard configuration, it can also accommodate six comfortable seats, and can easily Carry all their luggage. Caprice Estate Is the first Chevrolet models, since 1954, launched the first “wood” side moldings.

Skoda Superb Estate (2008) – the largest luggage space 1950 liters: Skoda, with its first luxury sedan speed camp let the world was shocked, and then continue to offer huge station wagon version of the second generation model. Provide more luggage space, speed to send Estate in people seeking practicality without having to spend too much money to win a powerful fan. A series of low-cost gasoline and diesel engines emphasize thIs point, or you can choose to 276 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-wheel drive and a true Q-Car wagon.

Citroen Berlingo (2019) – the largest luggage space 4000 liters: it Is not strictly a station wagon, but Berlingo Is a very modern theme, and it’s hard to ignore how much it contains a space in compact dimensions. A bit like the TardIs, Citroen Car look on the outside Is small, but open the large tailgate, you are greeted 1900 liters of luggage space – and that Is before any seat does not tip over. After the turn you can get 4000 liters of large luggage space

Mercedes-Benz S124 300E (1985) – the largest luggage space 1770 liters: Do not be confused with the beginning of the model ‘S’. It represents the legendary W124 based on 1985 to 1995 builtThe station wagon version of the sedan, 300E and siblings with a variety of gasoline and diesel engines have earned an excellent reputation. These vehicle rear seat mounting height of 10 cm to ensure that have a flat floor when the seatback Is tilted forward.

Volvo 940 (1990) – the largest luggage space 2121 liters: When Volvo launched the 900 series models in 1990, the new 850 the impact Is still brewing. Therefore, the SwedIsh company’s customers are assured style square shape, which means a huge luggage compartment can provide up to 2121 liters of space. To achieve thIs goal Is not clever trick, only large size, you can add an optional third-row seat, so that your child can comfortably waving in the Car. 900 series also honored to be the final of a Volvo rear-wheel drive models

NIssan 300C Estate (1984) – the largest luggage space 2162 l: Y30 NIssan 300C form 1984 to 1987 production, but in thIs short life, it gets quite a lot of fans. In some markets also referred Gongjue Wang, 300C Estate equipped with a five-speed manual transmIssion instead of the Automatic transmIssion saloon version, four-door version in place of the drum with alloy wheels. Further, in order to achieve a long, flat load floor, which also reduces a Estate exhaust muffler. It does not matter, because the 155bhp 3.0-liter V6 engine, even when fully loaded Is still no pressure, which may include up to seven occupants and two additional third-row seats flip. There are the two rear wiper and unusual electric side windows, allowing passengers to enter from the side of the luggage compartment area without opening the tailgate.

Cadillac Fleetwood (1970) – the largest luggage space 2559 liters: Cadillac did not make wagon, but if you are a popular customers, the company Will make you a Fleetwood station wagon. Or rather, you choose a Car, Cadillac and then send it to a choice of CarBody manufacturers to create a custom station wagon for you. These are not cheap, but if you can afford it, then the prize Is unique and abundant enough luggage space.