The largest auto parts supplier prices surge brewing darkest hour came in the 21st century!

the price of Auto parts under the epidemic Is crest.

in the end plate from the tire, from electronic components to the Automotive powertrain, which shares parts price surge gradually covering more and more areas.

In the Automotive sector, OEMs have been stand on top of the whole Automobile industry chain, Is high above the “God”, holds the absolute right to speak. Even if raw material prices, parts makers also not dare raIse prices, can only bear the pressure of rIsing costs themselves. RIsk

ThIs time, affected by the epidemic, many parts manufacturers in submIssion to offend “God,” the collective product price increases, in the end Is where’s the courage ? What in turn mean?

more parts manufacturers have prices

As of the afternoon of May 6, patients worldwide infected with the new coronavirus has more than 3.7 million people, nearly 30 countries and more than 200 Auto industry factories have downtime, the global Automotive industry chain was heavily hit different areas of Auto parts makers have to introduce the same measures – raIsed prices.

In the field of tire, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Sumitomo giant rubber tires have announced price.

in which Sumitomo Rubber since March 1 Will tire price increase of 5% in the North American market; starting March 16 Michelin prices by 7% in the US market, up in the Canadian market price 5%; from Goodyear April 1 Will be priced passenger Car tire market in North America increase of 5%; Pirelli since April 6 Will be the price of the US Car and light truck tires increase of 5%.

in the field of Automotive electronics components, due to a serious bearing a large number of electronic components and materials production upstream core of Japan and South Korea were affected, the relevant components of supply and prices have also been affected, with a Car MCU and other electronic components of the price generally rose 20% -30% in some parts of soaring prices even more than twice.

It Is reported that K-Car, analysts predict that in the electronic components in the new round of prices surge, MLThe CC, resIstors, silicon, crystal, CCL, storage, panels, LED chips or spared.

In other areas, the price of Automotive parts abound. For example, the domestic laser radar startups can radium sanity all its product prices by 20%, operating Auto parts manufacturing, processing, wholesale and retail Ningbo Chang Yang Machinery also raIsed prices of some products.

ThIs should be the 21st century, involving the widest range, the greatest impact of Auto parts prices surge, even the 2008 subprime mortgage crIsIs triggered parts prices surge also catch up.

who gave the parts business so fat guts?

raw material prices Is a normal ups and downs of the market, in the past, when prices of raw materials situation has occurred, but parts makers dare to price it? I did not dare.

“All along, OEMs are standing on top of the Automobile industry chain, suppliers have no right to speak, only the price, not the price.” A deal regularly with suppliers OEMs insider said, “in short, rIsing costs, vendors themselves digest.”

thIs time, the collective prices of so many suppliers, Is tantamount to 太岁头上动土.

who gave these parts maker so fat guts?

Is a crIsIs of survival.

affected by the outbreak, the raw material plant shutdowns, reduced supply, prices rIse, so they are Willing to offend braved the “God” of rIsk, the collective price. Such as the tire industry, rubber, Carbon black and other raw materials have recently reduced supply, prices, tire giants have prices that end had to.

the above-mentioned Ningbo Chang Yang Machinery prices, the main reason Is because of upstream raw materials prices, transportation costs, “company’s main raw material used in aluminum ingot prices rose by 3% about”.

Meanwhile, some imported parts shipping also increased, and therefore the price of the terminal 1% -3% of the increase, which include a variable speedBoxes, electronic injection system, the engine, turbochargers and other important components.

“We are ready for the global recession, which Will have a significant impact on 2020 results Bosch.” The world’s largest Auto parts supplier Bosch’s chief financial officer Stefan Asenkerschbaumer representation. To cut costs, half of the German Bosch reduce staff working hours and pay, executive pay cuts of 20% in April and May.

Under the influence of the epidemic, “Black Swan”, with high raw material prices continue to rIse or, Auto parts prices surge Will be intensified and Will last for six months to one year time, which means that the future needs of OEMs to withstand greater pressure of rIsing costs.

next year or two Will enter the darkest moments

In undifferentiated attack the epidemic, not just the affected parts production providers, OEMs, but the entire Automotive supply chain. In the context of the global Automotive industry restructuring, the stock of passenger Car market gradually shift from an incremental competition.

Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets (RBC Capital Markets) forecast, due to the impact of Coronavirus virus outbreaks worldwide on both ends of the supply and demand generated by global Auto sales expected down 16%. Bosch Is even more pessimIstic forecast 2020 global Car production Will fall by at least 20%.

the United States, a quarter of total sales of passenger Cars in the world’s largest single market fell 48.7% and 45.4% (the Automobile Association data), respectively, by the Federation predicted annual decline in the 8% or so.

the impact of the epidemic has been reflected in the top of the Automotive supply chain OEMs body.

has about 40,000 employees worldwide Jaguar Land Rover, Will be temporarily laid off 20,000 employees, the proportion accounted for half.

and recently out of the US market, Renault Will sell their “home base” – France Boulogne Billancourt headquarters of a building. 1898In October, LouIs Renault, Marcel and Fernand Renault Renault Renault three brothers set up a company that Is in thIs building.

At the same time, a number too burn, not to see the short-term project “money” King also been cut.

Mercedes – Benz officially terminated hydrogen fuel cell powered passenger Car program, affected by Daimler since 2013 and Ford, NIssan developed in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz GLC F -Cell also Will stop production. General Motors Will close its Car sharing brand Maven.

in the stock of competition, in order to attract consumers to buy a Car, OEMs also have to compromIse on the price, such as SAIC official Skoda recently announced full-line price, the highest drop 24500; special Tesla Model 3 standard Will also be domestic life version of the price cut 32,000 yuan, after the price of only 270,000 subsidy succeed. The future, I believe there Will be more follow-up none other OEMs.

epidemic “Black Swan” change, not just the supply of raw materials, parts prices, or OEM sales, but the entire Automotive industry chain. In thIs one, ever sat chain-powerful top OEMs, Will no longer be good times.

the stock of Game times Will be a relatively long phase of the whole Automobile industry chain-related enterprIses, the next year or two Will enter the darkest hour.

big king observed: OEMs “Passing” the situation awkward

The Automotive industry Is a very special industry, in all upstream and downstream industry chain to OEMs respect. Whether facing parts suppliers upstream or downstream dIstributors, OEMs have an absolute right to speak, quite strong. Two examples:

2019, Xu Ping as chairman when airborne FAW Group, Volkswagen and Toyota have clear requirements suppliers must support the FAW, “on the exIsting wholesale price 20% price reduction, or exit the FAW Group supplier system (including the independent and joint venture). ” When

2019 Geely announced excellent results in the first half, its suppliers are online collective Tucao lucky to body massAs a bargaining chip to force suppliers to cut prices by 15%.

strong or weak, clear.

even worse Is that OEMs can not learn parts suppliers, the pressure of rIsing costs passed on to downstream dIstributors.

Why? Because the dealer to sell a Car lose a Car, we have already lost the space squeeze profits.

According to the National Federation of Automobile Dealers Association survey, in 2019 53.5% of the dealers operating loss in 2020, the loss further expansion, and even bucked the trend of Japanese brands, earnings ratio of less than three dealers also, like Lincoln, Infiniti and other marginalized even more serious loss of high-end brands.

source of profit today, 4S shop Is no longer new Car sales, but financial loans, Auto insurance, maintenance and other Automotive after-market.

In fact, OEMs and dIstributors have been contradictory, and “plant” strong “business” Is weak in serious condition, Yaku to the dealer OEMs to develop unrealIstic assessment tasks , from time to time in recent years, causing dealers “rebel” Forced OEMs reflect business policies.

In the Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic caught off guard thIs dIsaster, as the community of interests of OEMs and dIstributors are a Rope Grasshopper, in order to ride out adversity, OEMs have to bear appease dealers, for dealers to “burden” of work, such as FAW Toyota Is more than 650 dealers, “deregulation” policy assessment, New York Automobile Chi Chuan dIscount for dealers with financial “burden”, and so on.

Thus, the front and OEMs equivalent pressure – at the supplier price, dealers lower survival, sandwiched never been beaten with OEMs .