The joint venture vehicle interiors look good, as well as panoramic sunroof, 170,000 price I do not know whether it would choose

now among U.S.’s Auto market, the rIse of so many independent Car joint venture Cars are shaken, but even so, there are still many people who prefer Japanese Cars or Ashkenazi , many aspects of the Car’s interior, etc. Is still doing better than our domestic done better. Now the Car interior requirements are relatively high, so a Car’s interior to meet the people’s demands Will require enormous effort, today small to introduce the Car’s interior Is very good, it Is the NIssan Trail

Car dimensions of length * width * height 4675mm * 1820mm * 1722mm wheelbase 2706mm, length Trail Car Is not particularly long, but as inside thIs price Car, so the size Is quite long, the width of the Car’s outstanding performance, so that the interior space of the Car more comfortable.

rear styling also focused on modifications to the details of the internal structure of the tail light varies, the use of an LED light source

into the inside the Car, the three-spoke steering wheel wrapped in leather used, the use of a flat bottom steering wheel design, increasing the space in the main driver’s chest, gray decorative trim in the bottom, so that the steering wheel looks more high-end bit, neat multifunctional key, very convenient to use. Dashboard using conventional double barrel-type design, the intermediate color trip computer dIsplay very rich content

Each SUV panorama sunroof Is soul

Home rear space Is no problem

dynamic, 2.0L L4 Carrying the naturally aspirated engine, the maximum torque of the maximum horsepower 154PS combined consumption 20N.m 6.2L. NIssan Cars with low fuel consumption has been very commendable, the overall performance was very kind.