The highest-selling Volkswagen? In fact, by Porsche to feed!

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mention the United States the highest selling Car brand than Volkswagen, but the profit cycle Is too low, in fact, rely on Porsche feed, which in the end Why;

1, the highest-selling Volkswagen?

According to public information, in 2019 US Auto brand sales charts, the Volkswagen topped the lIst with 3,099,482, followed by Honda and Geely, respectively, to achieve 1,442,783 and 1,380,424, both sales sum not more than one public, vIsible Volkswagen unassailable position in the U.S. market;

2, in fact, rely on Porsche feed?

From the point of view of global sales of Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Is still the highest-selling brand, which achieved 6.24 million in 2019, accounting for 57.6% of total sales of the Group 10.83 million, In contrast to other brand sales dwarfs, which Audi 1.812 million, 1.254 million Skoda, Seat and Porsche 528 000 256 000 (ThIs article belongs to the original, cat, as the Car starter, reproduced please specify);

However, although VW brand Car sales up, but profits of only 3.2 billion euros, which accounted for only 23% of the Group’s total profit of 13.92 billion euros, compared with Audi and Porsche, respectively It achieved 4.7 billion euros and 4.1 billion euros, both of the Group’s total profit of 63.2%, especially Porsche profit cycle staggering 16,000 euros, equivalent to about 130 thousand, compared to profit of the Volkswagen brand bicycle 7,000 yuan, which Is almost 18 times, they have been dubbed Porsche Volkswagen feed;

3, which Is the parent-child relationship?

In fact, Porsche and Volkswagen are a genuine parent-child relationship, they have a co-founder Ferdinand Porsche *, where the Porsche company was founded in 1931, was not originally Carmakers, but an engineering company, Nazi Germany commIssioned Ferdinand Porsche opened in 1937 *National Car hair, before the birth of the world-famous Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen began the conquest of world hIstory (ThIs article belongs to the original, cat, as the Car starter, reproduced please specify);

It Is reported since Ferdinand Porsche Is Volkswagen * founder of relationship, so that the Porsche family has been held by Volkswagen AG, especially from Porsche SUV business began operating in 2000 earned pours, it began in 2005, initiated the acquIsition of public Car, because the public law, unless owns 80% of Volkswagen shares, in order to enjoy absolute control, but the German government holds a 20.1 percent stake in Volkswagen, which makes Porsche might almost think Holdings;

until 2007, the European court overturned VW law, Porsche needs only 75% of Volkswagen shares Will be able Holdings, and its net profit and a staggering 6.4 billion euros in 2008, so after the acquIsition of a number of ways, it has Volkswagen AG reached 74.1%, from 75% absolute control only one step away, but it led to the German stock market volatility, the Frankfurt stock Exchange had to mediate, Seeking to make a 5% stake in Porsche, Volkswagen acquired Porsche lets begin with;

However, Porsche has not abandoned plans to acquire Volkswagen, Porsche and even set up a holding company, in order to avoid the German government and German regulations, but because of the financial crIsIs battered the Porsche family, was the Volkswagen anti-takeover, from the beginning of 2009 to 3.9 billion euros to acquire a 49% stake in Porsche, to be completed by 2012 100% of the shares, staged a father wanted to buy hIs son, but unfortunately the son of a reverse takeover of the play (ThIs article Is part original, cat, as the Car starter, reproduced please specify);