The Great Wall was a headache, and thIs car than it luxurious interiors, 6.68 million cases

in recent years in the US Auto market, like Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda can be said to mix themselves, but as time goes by and under the strong support policies, domestic station up, like SUV inside Harvard H6, MPV inside Wuling and Baojun, today small for everyone to introduce another U.S.-made Cars – Zotye T500, the Great Wall was a headache, and thIs Car than it luxurious interiors, 6.68 million cases.

The reason can be known for the Thai public, simply because it Is the cottage luxury Cars strategy to make it a short time the fire, of course, has to go the cottage road Is not a permanent solution, so after fame started, the Thai public to quickly change the style, began to return to the true, thIs Zotye T500 Is it’s own original Car, look at it now.

Appearance section

to build a great domestic Car prices in Yen value terms, small series that the Thai public to be considered a , it appears that plagiarIsm ho Car, has accumulated a lot of experience, as thIs Zotye T500, style Is very fashionable good-looking, front air intake grille face from top to bottom grouping, it Is very layered, and bumper headlights on both sides are fused chrome trim and grille together, and then with the silver, the front face open up very vIsual impact, watching from the side of the body, smooth lines and showed a muscular, plus large hatchback design that looks Mimi.

The interior

finIshed look, then let us look at the Car’s interior, Xiao Bian think the Thai public Will not let consumers down, and sure enough, a look that Is full of luxury Fan, LCD touch screen, flat-bottomed leather wrapped multi-function steering wheel, the through air-conditioning outlet, baffles and other electronic design Is very unique, a very high-end looks, the system configuration, such as tire pressure monitoring, vehicle stability, ABS anti-lock braking, lane departure warning and so on are very good to protect the safety of the driver.

Power section

The Car Is equipped with a turbocharger and 1.5T 1.6L naturally aspirated engine , 1.5T ofThe maximum power can reach 156,1.6L maximum can reach 116, transmIssion section, Is matched with 5-speed manual gearbox and 6AT, 5 and 6 have a layout, such as a household power data Is completely brought enough, since thIs Car 66800.

Zotye Car’s interior luxury Bi Hafu H6 also, it seems that the Great Wall was a headache, well, small series talked about here, and you are thIs Car view Is that what Is it? Welcome to write down and talk to small series! (Picture from the network, if infringement, please contact delete!)