The future of automotive interiors in “black technology” you know a few?

Many OEM Automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers who have launched an Automotive interior trim future concepts and perceptions of the BMW holographic touchscreen < <宝马人称之为“HoloA ctTouch技术。其产品及技术非常丰富,不只有对未来的创想理念,还有可以大批量生产的研发效果。

BMW holographic touchscreen

BMW call it “HoloA ctTouch technology, the virtual touch panel Is shown. as can use a micro mirror image HUD into the black image dIsplay, the image Is not dIsplayed on the windshield of the Automobile, but Showing suspended hologram touch panel operation New York Forum has provided for the Car “air suspension” in good switch button, located on the driver side steering wheel, and with a high center console. imaging system acquires the driver’s hand unit operation information, in accordance with the position of the driver reaction fingertip when the fingertip touches a certain hologram switch button, Will send a signal through the haptic ultrasonic pulse, activating the link function.

unique facial recognition technology

using Edag facial recognition system Bosch developed

unique facial recognition technology

< <利用博世公司开发的Edag面部识别系统。可以根据具体的车辆驾驶人员信息调节车辆的转向盘、后视镜、所需的温度和无线电播放器,操作时通过触摸屏和手势控制来完成,并带有相应的触觉反馈。

rotatable touchscreen Table

Panasonic Automatic driving concept of the first row the seat may be rotated during running Autonomous vehicle 180 °, rotatable touchscreen Table

< <松下自动驾驶概念车的第一排座椅可以在车辆自主行驶过程中旋转180°。轻松地在后排座椅空间中展开一张轻型折叠桌。折叠桌上大型的触摸屏既可以当作游戏平台使用,也可以作为车辆行驶的监视器使用。

biological data read

Continental are combined biometric data driver identification system data research and development. Biological data recognition system requires the driver to drive before starting first with a finger touch the biometric device, Biological Data read

< <大陆公司正在结合驾驶员生物数据进行数据识别系统的研发。生物数据识别系统要求驾驶员在驾车起动之前首先用手指触摸一下生物识别器。确认该驾驶员是否有权驾驶这一车辆,只有确认有权驾驶的人员才干起动汽车。当内部摄像机识别到驾驶员的面部之后,系统会自动依照驾驶员的偏好设置调整座椅和后视镜,并调节车载空调温度、音乐或者导航。

the driver actively acquire important parameter

according to whether the driver Is tired or tension, the driver actively acquire important parameter

< <根据驾驶员是否疲劳或者紧张状态。梅赛德斯—飞驰的Studi系统会自动选择车辆的行驶路线、播放轻松的音乐,同时也为驾驶员提供座椅按摩。

Tracking eye

VW “3D active information dIsplay system” by two sequentially arranged dIsplay menu and giving the left a deep impression. If the occupants to call the two menus,

digital assIstant <

<< <丰田研发的Concept-i概念车中。眼动追踪系统就会根据驾驶员眼球的注视方向快速地做出选择,直接执行左边或右边的菜单中的任务。该系统可能将在新型奥迪A8轿车中使用。

digital AssIstant

Toyota developed Concept-i concept Car, there Is no button or touch screen, but there Is a “Yui artificial intelligence digital Car assIstant, using voice interaction.

easy driving

a NC active noIse control system can reduce noIse in the vehicle. the system has to take the Car occupant may not be equipped dIsturbed chat, lIsten to music or watching video.

driving instrument 3D dIsplay

Delphi developed new technology: two dIsplay screens superposed together to form a three-dimensional effect of the technique Is also such that the image and text dIsplay having a better resolution


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