The four car “lie” lied to the Americans for so many years, is still popular

The four car “lie” deceive the Chinese people for so many years, is still popular! Before

, China is already the world’s largest car market, I experienced auto industry is not a long history in the past years, can be said to be explosive growth. However, due to growing so fast that most Chinese people only contact with the car on the surface, little is known about the majority owner of the car. So there are a lot of rumors about cars in China. Among them, the following people still communicate.

The first “lie” exterior automotive steel unsafe. On this issue, many people think that a car can effectively protect the driver and passengers, depending on the car shell thickness of steel, the main structure of the car is solid.

The second “lie” is the car if the steering wheel is cut, it will affect the life of the car. If a serious survey data, the car’s steering system actually set the highest safety threshold, there is no claim for damage to the vehicle.

The third car is about “lies”, and if you work hard, add half. Many people in the car to refuel the car up with half. When gasoline fill, the overall weight of the car will increase, accordingly, the car’s fuel consumption will increase, the additional cost will increase. Considering the fact that the proportion accounted for petrol tank vehicle weight is small, even if the tank fill up, fuel consumption is not too high, but this “lie” over the years has been a lot of people’s trust.

Some people think that the more severe the more stable the last lie, the lighter the car, the higher the speed. In fact this has nothing to do with the weight of the car. A center of gravity stability of the vehicle height, the level adjustment of the length of the wheelbase, the steering mechanism and chassis applications regulatory properties, aerodynamic design of the vehicle. Because the vehicle is heavy, impossible to determine the stability of the vehicle.