The former “God of Gamblers” Chow Yun Fat, Is now in the open, “classic cars”

mention Chow Yun Fat, I think are household names, Chow Yun-Fat who do not know it. Chow has been in the entertainment industry Is highly Realm role in the early 1980s, he became popular attachment plays Xuwen Jiang, Xu Wenqiang played, Ma Ying-jeou, “God of Gamblers” and many other classic roles, so far no one beyond. Today, hIs advanced age, the less appear in the screen. In life it stars Chow Is very low-key.

If you take the metro rail transit in Hong Kong, Is likely to encounter Chow Yun Fat, many users have had to take photos of Chow Yun-Fat subway. In fact, in Hong Kong, the stars take public transportation Is a very common thing, people in Hong Kong are also flattering look. Although low-key, but Chow Yun Fat Is also a net worth billions, of course, there’re driving.

Chow loves vintage Cars, according to incomplete statIstics, there had been at least send a six antique classic Cars, but to maintain it later sold. Now only a Mercedes 280SEL, thIs Car Is a Car of the 1970s, Is the brother of a favorite.

then the brother usually open in the end what kind of Car does not usually take the subway when Chow Yun-fat Is open Audi Q7, although for the average person to say it can be considered valuable, but for the brother of thIs net worth of people, but in reality to open Q7 Is very low-key. For Chow Yun-fat, the most impressive you which movie? What role has not forgotten you let