The first seat belt Volvo invented it? 9 for the first time in the hIstory of the car you know it?

Do you really understand the Car? For motor vehicle, has a lot of first, how much do you know? For example, the world’s first seat belt Volvo invented it? Galaxy today on the adoption of data collection for everyone to popularize the nine first in the hIstory of the Car.

[1, Automobiles]

invention of the Automobile by Karl – Fleet Li Qi – Benz, 1885 Benz put the world’s first three-wheeled Car Carriage, January 29, 1886, the world’s first patented an invention of the Automobile, the Benz brand many glorious chapter in the hIstory of the first, also started on thIs day. After

[2, four-wheeled vehicle]

With the first three vehicles, four-wheeled vehicle when was the birth of it? March 1886, Daimler and Maybach Will have to install a 1.1-horsepower engine in the wagon bodywork, the world’s first four-wheeled Car also was born.

[3, the first one to enter the US Car]

the first Car to enter the US Car, it Is 1901, Yuan Shikai spent 10,000 taels of silver from Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to purchase, the purpose Is to give the time of the Empress Dowager Cixi as longevity. Many film and televIsion works, but also to reproduce the Great Qing Dynasty period of hIstory, advanced Automotive and decline, forming a strong contrast and irony.

[4, tire]

Michelin tire we all know, but you know, to know the 19th century, the Car’s tires are also made of wood, to 1894, France’s Michelin brothers invented the pneumatic tire, Car tire to bring a new revolution.

[5] EFI engine

Development of the engine Is also very fast, horsepower IsGrowing, and we are now more common and popular EFI engine, it Is the emergence of 1967, when the public TYPE3 became the world’s first Car with fuel injection system of the engine. However, thIs system was supplied by Bosch.

[6, turbocharged engine]

with the more we demand to enhance environmental awareness and motivation, and promote the development of the engine, but turbocharged engine came into being, turbocharged engine was first used by an engineer in Switzerland invention, and in 1905 successfully applied for patent , and thIs technology really applied to passenger Cars, it Is in 1962.

[7] belt

As people consider driving and riding safety aspects of vehicles, such as the originator of security configuration – – seat belts, the first three-point belt Is a Volvo invention, but the world’s first seat belt Is May 20, 1902, an American Automobile race, the contestants Walter – Baker with some rope, Will He fixed himself on the seat, which became the first safety belt in the world.

[8] vehicle air conditioning

Air-conditioned comfort, you know who first installed the Car do? The first Car equipped with air-conditioned Car, a 1939 Packard have launched a Car, while the price of thIs optional air-conditioning system, reached $ 274, at the time that era, Automotive air conditioning really Is a luxury jewelry.

[9, the navigation system]

Now buy Car navigation can be said to be an essential configuration, and the oldest Car navigation systems, it Is the advent of 1981, but the system Is not like we use today, like GPS, but by helium gyroscope detect body motion and body movements to determine their status and position through feedback, which can be considered a high-tech at the time.

[10 Galaxy review – the future direction of the Car]

now the Car has entered every household, has become in our daily lives, an essential means of transport, while the Automotive sector Is also facing new challenges, such as the development of electric vehicles, in 1989 the world’s first pure electric Cars come out, and now Tesla Motors, after nearly 30 years of development, new energy vehicles more and more global consumers, the Galaxy think the future direction of the Car, especially the new energy Will tend to pure electric vehicle direction, the Galaxy also firmly believe that in the near future, electric Cars Will also be popular and ordinary people into the home.

what are the first Car in the hIstory of it, you know?