The driver must see: “New life vehicle” a time, many riders can not accept representation

With economic development, people satiate the same time, the hand which also able to save a little money, a lot of people are related with the trend, buy a Car, I have been thinking these are some of the items hedge products, but in fact your Car Is also a time of retirement, Is in use for some time after you, all kinds of Car’s performance Will be degraded situation occurs, resulting in a normal Car can not use, but now with the Car owners the increase in the amount of scrapped Cars Is increasing, every year a large number of scrapped Cars.

All items have a certain life span, of course, the Car Is no exception, it Is precIsely thIs, Car owners need to pay great attention to buy their own use life, do not underestimate thIs, because in the present society, there are a lot of owners, because of their own economic reasons, Will choose to buy a used Car a little bit cheaper, because there Is no too much attention to the life of the Car, leading to their own just bought near the Car, he was asked to mandatory retirement, which suffered a major loss!

The Car scrapping time exactly how long? Driving friends should all know, most of the Car’s service life Is about 15 years, that Is to put the Car to buy back, 15 years later would be forced to be scrapped, it may be for those who often drive my friends nothing, because has been in the Car, but for those who do not drive often, once or twice a year on the open Car owners Is indeed somewhat unfair, and it Is quite uneconomical, and that exactly how to do it?

the relevant departments to seek a series of recommendations, the decIsion to change such a provIsion, the original Car Is scrapped by year calculation time, instead scrapped in accordance with the calculation of mileage Car time, that Is, if the Car travel over 600,000 km, might be forced to scrap, but there are special circumstances, if the Car trip more than 600,000 km, then go through a series of comprehensive examination, inspection and approval, then you can continue to use If failed, we must accept the mandatory retirement!

So what Car driving over 600,000 km or particularly good performance of it? Nature Is the relatively high prices of some luxury Car, a sub-price goods, if you pay attention to these Car insuranceKeep it, the Car trip more than 600,000 kilometers can still continue to use, although 600,000 kilometers may not sound so much, but on the market for some popular models, 600,000 km Is a relatively high limits, and even the possibility of market some Car driving more than 600,000 kilometers of very little, if 600,000 km Is equivalent to a standard, but does not rule out some owners to take good Care of your Car Is, even traveled 600,000 kilometers can continue to use , as long as the annual inspection, then the Car can still continue the road!

If it Is a new Car within six years Is nothing to worry over the annual inspection, as a Car within 6 years to 15 years Will be Carried out once a year inspection, and if the life of the Car once more than 15 years, then the Car Will need annual inspection twice a year, if their Car failed inspection, then the Car Will not directly be scrapped, as long as the repair within a certain time Automotive interior parts failed, and through an inspection, qualified, then you can continue driving down the road, so it Is very user-friendly!