The difference between the aircraft and the way the car to start the engine, aircraft engines and even can produce four power

airplane engine Is so huge, it’s the way to start the Car engine and start the same way as you? Huge kinetic energy produced by the engine Is only used to promote it too wasted it? Today, small and share some knowledge about small aircraft engines.

Regardless of which engine needs assIstant

The so-called engine start, referring to the engine from a stationary state before the transition to the idle rotation speed stable minimum. No matter what kind of engine can not be started immediately after the combustion of the fuel. Even the Car, but also in turn the key to the start position, the electric starter (starter motor) so that the pIston starts to operate, and it sucked and compressed gas mixture until the ignition ongoing aid work, he was able to start the Car.

Although there Is no jet engine like a Car key, but it has two buttons. As long as some start button to start the machine Will make high-pressure compressor engines in operation. Then from the entrance to the engine, the air Will naturally flow into the start, it Will start until after the spark plug so that the fuel flows into the air flow into the engine well. Like the moment when the gas sparks from a gas stove Will turn on the gas stove inflow Is the same reason. ThIs Is because if let gas flow into the first gas stove, it may cause a fire.

Even if the combustion chamber has been successful on fire, still need help to start the machine. Although based on different engine conditions Will be different, but for the future as long as the engine reaches 50% N2 (about 5600 rpm), and Will be separated from the engine starter. Thereafter engine can be self accelerating and reaches 60% N2 in the engine (approximately 6700 rpm), the end of the entire launch process. Relative to the Car’s standard engine Is 600 revolutions per minute, which Is about 10% of maximum speed, we can easily understand, the standard jet engine speed Is very fast. Further general Automobiles launch time Is about 2 to 3 seconds, the required injection engine 20 to 30 seconds.

By the way, start the engine of sound each Is different. For example DC8 Is called air lady, Will be Issued when the engine started lonely “call out” of a people being infinitely sadVoices echoed in the sunset of the airport.

four kinds of forces generated by the engine: thrust, power, oil pressure, air compression force

While the main engines the work to produce thrust, but in fact in addition to the thrust, it Will output the power, oil and air pressure of the compression force these three forces. We also use the power to rotate the drive engine, combustion measuring devices, generators, hydraulic pumps, power generating machine, the operation of the aircraft wheel Carrier and actuating devices. There Will also be the engine has not been served for evacuating air compressor before combustion. That said, however, the air has a pressure of 30-500 ℃ air for air-conditioning, anti-icing air motor and the feeder device and the like.

Further, the fuel computing means Is the last actually used fuel quantity calculated by the electronic engine control the adjustment means. We use thIs device in the fuel pump from the fuel tank to the pump delivery pressure again. Do not really serve only to make the fuel engine, because thIs way it Is possible to utilize pressurized fuel (known as fuel servo), determines the amount of fuel driving the switch shutter device and the like. The electric motor Is not selected because the electric motor could produce sparks dangerous.

generator Is an AC generator of the constant speed driving apparatus built. Because once the generator fails to consider that the engine might also be affected, so the generators have had to take the initiative from the device engine. In addition, most of the reduction gear directly connected to the starter Is rotated by compressed air, but also some aircraft Will use the generator as a starter motor.

plane of the drive wheel Carrier and other manipulation device a pump for pressurizing the hydraulic device, and in fact, independent of engine speed, but to maintain a certain pressure. During engine operation, the pump like the human heart has been beating the same, so as a general blood circulation in the fluid actuation engine.

engine power planes of powerful, energy production has been fully utilized on the plane. After reading thIs paper, we construct other parts of the aircraft are not too interested in it? Welcome to the commentGuest Book, the next Issue I Will choose the site that more people want to know for resolution.